Salem Quilt Guild #1

A few years back at the Buggy Barn quilt show I saw a way super fun Crabapple Hill Studio quilt that looked so amazing that I never dreamed I would be able to do anything like it. But since I have been trying my hand at embroidery with the Splendid Sampler, I decided to try the  Mystery of the Salem Quilt Guild  pattern on the Crabapple Hill website.  I ordered all of the panels and the finishing kit.

I traced, colored and heat set the fabric.  I used a large window and taped the pattern and fabric down to get it traced accurately.

Coloring was so fun!  I felt like I was back in grade school again:)

I organized all of my threads and started embroidering.  It is like a permanent fabric adult coloring book with thread.  FUN!!

I just can’t say how much I am enjoying this project.  I am excited to start panel #2 of 3.





I know I will not have this embroidered, pieced and quilted by October, but maybe by next year…

It’s all SWEET!–Tracy:)


32 thoughts on “Salem Quilt Guild #1

  1. Tracy,
    Your skill as a painter is coming through loud and clear. Beautiful shading, and the embroidery puts an exclamation point on the design. I can envision this application on some tea towels. I’m assuming it is colorfast, or would a kitchen use be too much wear? Your thoughts?

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  2. What an amazing idea! It really is just redwork stitching, but the final effect is just marvellous! May I ask what you use to colour with?

    I am not a quilter, I am an embroideress, and I am not up on the newer techniques like this, but I think I can feel a new craft coming on!

    Fabulous work!
    Baba StringThings

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    1. Hello Baba String Things!– A new craft is definitely in the future:). It is so fun! This really is simple. I colored everything with a white base to begin and then colored over the top with the colors. The crayons were the ordinary crayola crayons used by my children. I bought a new 64 count box just for me. When I opened them up I felt like a child again as I smelled that wax aroma and looked at the pretty colors just waiting to be held and colored with. Really, it was so fun. I hope you try it. You will LOVE it!
      – Thank you for your comment — Tracy:)

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  3. I saw this kit at the AQS show last week. I love all things Halloween and was totally tempted to buy the whole kit and kaboodle. Thoughts of my stacks of unfinished projects and my general ‘too cheap-ness’ kept me from getting it, but it still looks totally awesome. I may end up with it yet!!!

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