Mandala Madness – part 4-7

Woo Hoo! It is looking so pretty!   I am making Helen’s from crystals and crochet’s Mandala Madness.  Best of all, it is a FREE pattern!  I have totally been enjoying each and every round.  I have learned a few new techniques and believe it or not, I have made a few mistakes:) Lol!

I love the feel of the Scheepjes yarn. It is very smooth and light to work with. The mandala is so soft as well.  I bought the yarn pack designed for this project from Wool Ware House in the UK.  They shipped it to my home in sunny Arizona. Yea!

I have been having an especially fun time crocheting along with At Margareta’s Haus.  We have been having a good time comparing notes.  I’m glad she hasn’t been perfect either, I feel a little more normal:).  Her colors are so fun as well.   I may have to do another with different colors from home….

I think I will give this blanket to my daughter in law #1 for a Christmas present.  All of my other kids have afghans, quilts and then some.  She will cherish it, I am sure.  She is a real SWEET-heart!

Thank you for dropping by:)

Until next time– Tracy;)

17 thoughts on “Mandala Madness – part 4-7

  1. Hello Tracy, I am on part 8 and have had to resort to the video by Esther. She goes a great job. The twist stitches are so confusing specifically their placement. Will try to post a picture once I am done with part 8. How is yours coming along?

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    1. Hi Margareta! I have just finished part 8. I agree that it was tricky! Even after I figured it out, that sneaky yarn would split or slip off the hook!:). I had to take it very slow… It is refreshing to be challenged so often. — you are speedy! I will try to keep up with you:). What is your goal for next week?

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      1. I was trying to do one part a night but as the Mandala gets larger that gets harder to accomplish. I would be happy to complete through part 10 by next Sunday.

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      2. I am enjoying your company as well. We can do this! Can’t wait to see your updated photo. Let’s plan on both posting our photos next Saturday!


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