Totally Tipster! – Thread & Bobbin Storage

I have quite a few thread spools.  Maybe not as many as some of you and maybe quite a bit more than others.  I am sure you all have your own working system on how you like to store yours. 

For years I have used two wooden thread racks  that I mounted on the wall behind my machine.  I love to look at the pretty colorful thread when I enter the room:)

Here is my Tipster Tip-

  1. Buy extra bobbins for your machine. – I bought 20, but will be buying more.
  2. Invest in a peg rack.- they are about $20. on amazon.  –SO Sew worth it!!
  3. Store your thread and matching bobbin thread together on the same peg.
  4. If your spool is too tall for the bobbin to fit as well, cut a straw to your desired length and place it over the peg to lengthen it.

Now that is Totally Tipster!!  What an easy fix!

I lengthened my smaller rack the same way, but my pegs are too wide for my bobbins.  Bummer…  oh well, there is a bobbin rack attached to the top of my board.  It works but not nearly as well as the skinnier pegs on the other rack..

I like how the straws give stability to some of my more awkward embroidery thread.

Storing my thread this way has been such a time saver for me.  It makes finding that matching bobbin a SWEET dream!  No more holding up bobbins to see if it is the thread.  Just grab and sew!

Thank you for dropping by my blog:)

11 thoughts on “Totally Tipster! – Thread & Bobbin Storage

  1. I have very similar racks for my threads and bobbins, with the quilting weight and sewing weights separated. I put my bobbin under the thread spool, so that the core of the spool supports itself, rather than the bobbin wobbling about on top. And I’m glad it’s not just me that simply has to have everything sorted by colour! I also have the ‘ugly’ corner, where I keep the dayglo orange for repairing the Husband’s work clothes, the rusty colour for sewing denim, etc. It’s where I go for basting threads that I want to see easily when it comes to pulling them out.

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  2. Love the straw idea, thanks! When I bought my longarm in 1995, my husband made a thread rack for me. He made a grid of nails spaced just the right distance for my bobbins and put a board underneath across the bottom would slant out from the wall and they wouldn’t slip off. I could put multiple bobbins of one color on each nail, to match the spools I had sitting on shelving right next to it. I really miss that now! No longarm any more, but I miss it anyway.

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  3. Luv the straw idea! I agree……seeing the thread colors in my sewing studio is totally inspirational! My bobbin problem is I work with 3 different machines and each has their own bobbin size!!!! sigh……………………


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