Granny Square Skirt Done!

Oh, oh, oh!  I just love it when I finish a project and I like it even better than my imagination thought I would:). This granny skirt is definitely one of those!I finished crocheting last night, sewed the top on this afternoon, and immediately stepped into it for a photo shoot.  I can’t wait for Sunday:)!  In fact, I am going to a funeral tomorrow and will have to wear it, no waiting here!

I did get a slight variation of yarn color when I re-ordered more thread ,as you can see in the photo, but happy mistakes made this pretty ombré effect.
I like how the grannies give a slight peek a boo, but still keep things modest.  

I made this skirt from an inspiration photo that you can find here. I did not follow the instructions at all.  I just started sewing grannies, connected them to the lengths I wanted and sewed them together.  The main skirt I crocheted in a continuous round only crocheting in the back loops to get a textured look.  I decreased stitches at the top to have it taper in at the waist.  I sewed some stretch black fabric to the top and added some elastic.  That’s it!  

I, of course, had to have a photo shoot in my new granny skirt.  Here are a few more pictures:
Thank you for dropping by my blog and following along on my creative journeys.  Life is just so so SWEET!

30 thoughts on “Granny Square Skirt Done!

  1. Oh, Tracy! This is so cute!! I’m not sure I could live with the color difference, [I’m a leeeetle particular about thingsomb like that.], but I do agree that it gives an ombré effect to the skirt. I’m sorry to hear that you have a funeral to go to, but you will definitely be going in style.
    Super job on the skirt! And way to go with the coordinating nail color! 😉

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    1. I didn’t even recognize that the nails matched! Funny:). I was worried about the mix, but the pictures make it look more pronounced than it does in reality. Really just an ombré look. I really like it:). Some funerals are sadder than others. This one is a blessing. Thank you for your kind words 🙂

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  2. It looks fabulous! I like that you stitched it your own way. The ombré effect from the two different yarns is really great, too. What a great church or “nice” outfit that made.

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