One Blanket Down, One to Go

Happy Friday to you;)!  I have been working on my double ended crochet baby blankets, but I haven’t been blogging about them because, really, they don’t change much while crocheting.  They get bigger, but the stitch is the same.  I am glad to say that blanket #1 is done and I have started blanket #2.  Yea!!I really do like this stitch..  It makes for the softest, two sided blanket.  One side is one color and the other side has more of the accent color.  I added a double yarn border and crocheted the ends to be a bit longer than the sides for an added  bit of length.The only thing I would change about this cute blanket is that I wish I would have added a few more rows so I would not have had to block it.   Quite a bit of the “magic” stretched out of it.  It is still very nice, I just shouldn’t have been in such a hurry to get done.It lays nice and straight and soft though.  I can’t wait to see little baby fingers coming through the holes:)!

For blanket #2, my daughter in law chose gray and variegated blue.  You can see the texture much better without the blocking.

I just love love love it!  Can you see how it is more gray on the underside and variegated on the top?

This is a slower stitch to be sure, but I think it way worth the extra effort.  I have given directions for this stitch here.  Why don’t you make one for a  SWEET little baby that you know?   You will love it:)

Until tomorrow!

Delilah Has Arrived Amongst Spring Flowers!

I am so excited to say that my Jen Kingwell Delilah Template and Block of the Month finally came in.  Yea!  The templates are this fun bright orange and are very easy to use.  I am joining in the fun through Suzie Q Quilt Shop.  I love the fabrics they sent.  I was so excited that I started cutting right away.   My first two blocks, called Rising Sun, are finished:)Aren’t they pretty?  They remind me of these beautiful wild flowers I picked today while I was out driving about.   The road was a blaze with them.  I couldn’t help myself.  I had to stop and gather some:)Really, these little flowers are a brilliant magenta.  The camera is not over exposing them.  They are that bright!  What a beautiful world we live in:)

Well, enough of my nature exploring tangent.  Back to my colorful Delilah block….Some people are sewing this block by hand, but I found it very doable on my sewing machine.  I cut out my fabric using my new handy templates, and then pressed a fold line down the center of each piece.

I stacked my pieces together in groups so I wouldn’t get lost during sewing.  Each group has three small arcs and three large square arcs.

It really isnt as hard as it looks or sounds to sew a curved seam.  I just started at one end and manipulated the fabric as I went, making sure that the fold lines matched up and the end pieces overlapped about the 1/4″.  

I just lined the groups all up and chain stitched away.  No problems here!

The end result is a bunch of very pretty curved blocks.  Now that wasn’t hard:)

I laid out all of my blocks in the specified pattern that Jen designed and laid them by my sewing machine to sew them all together.

I like to sew one row at a time so I don’t get lost. This one has the blocks set on point, so I sewed them in diagonal rows.

I am all finished with Delilah for his month.  I am excited to see what next month will bring:). I am so going to keep on top of this one.  I don’t want to get behind like I did on my Splendid  Sampler.  It is only one block a month instead of two a week.  I can do this!

Thank you for stopping by.  Have a super SWEET Day!

The Last Stitch!

I have busily been sewing on my final few blocks for my Splendid Sampler.  It has been so much fun:)   I finished my final seven blocks this morning and have an elated, sad type feeling.  

I have been working on, and looking at this beautiful stack of blocks every day while sewing and creating.  It has made me smile.  

Now it looks like this–See what I mean?   Oh well,  now I have a spot to fill with the next new 6.5″ project.  One will come along, it always does.

But look at how pretty this huge stack of blocks looks.  I’m excited to put them all together!

Here are my final blocks:

Full Circle Star

This one was a little trickier than I thought it should be.  There really wasn’t much of a pattern for the center aqua appliqué pieces.  I sewed a circle and cut it to make my pieces. I think it turned out just fine:)

Circle of Friendship– I loved all of the fun stripes in this one. I was happy to be able to use all of my fabrics as well. I like the circle contrast here. It’s a great block!

Prism—  I am always happy for an easy block to break up the difficult ones:)

Unity Star-– The cutting was the hardest part on this one.  It is a Square in a Square type block with lots of stitch and flip.

Minnesota Maze- Isn’t the fussy cut flower fun?

The Early Bird— I didn’t think I was going to like this one as much as I do.  I had to take a lot of deep breaths and just sew because there were so many tiny little pieces.  But it was worth it.  I think this block is the iconic block of the Splendid Sampler.  I love it!
And my final block–

Wild Roses

I am now, not afraid of needle turns appliqué.  I can do it, and find that I even like it!  Thank you Splendid Sampler;)

Here they are laid out and ready to sew together.  I have several extra that I am not putting in because I like the size of this.  So 81 blocks it is!  I will sew these together and add two fun borders.  Hopefully I can get these added in the next week or two….we’ll see:)

It has been a simply SWEET and Splendid journey that is almost done.  Life is good!

Long Time Gone QAL

I have been looking at and drooling over Jen Kingwell’s designs and patterns for a while now.  Her wild colors and adventurous techniques just tickle my fancy.  

This is the Delilah Quilt that Jen made. Isn’t it amazing?

So when she announced that she came out with a new pattern called Delilah and that it would be a template block of the month, I signed up!  One block a month, I can sew do that:)

Well,  I signed up back in February and am expecting my first installment any day now, but now there is another QAL going on over at Angel Gnome for Jen’s Long Time Gone Quilt. 

This QAL is one block a week which is a little harder, but I already have the pattern and I am so excited to get started on my Delilah quilt……OK!  I’ll join in!!  How about you? Shall we do it together?:)

I looked through my fabric and was happy to find this Cotton and Steele fabric that I had bought a while back and folded up.  Remember? It is perfect!  I have enough scraps lying around that I can add to the mix that this should be plenty.  Yea!

I am a week behind so I made two blocks this week.  Here they are:

Bow Ties– made 2

  • I gathered my lights and darks and cut them into the specified size squares.
  • Then came the fun stitch and flip.  Easy easy!
  • Place a small dark square in the corner of  a light square and sew from corner to corner. Tiger tape is so helpful here, no marking the line needed!
  • Cut the chain apart, flip the small square over and press.  Woo hoo!
  • Lay the bow ties out for easy, organized sewing.  Be sure those seams kiss or nest together by pressing the seams toward the dark square.
  • Sew them all together and done!  I am excited:)

Square in a Square– made one

This block was a little harder because of all of the bulk.  It is also a stitch and flip block, but there are a lot of seams here, so be sure to trim away the under side of the flip.  

  1. Sew two small squares on opposites corners of a larger square and sew each square from corner to corner
  2. Trim the seams to 1/4″. Flip and press
  3. Sew two squares to the opposite corners in the same manner.  
  4. Trim, flip, and press.

It’s looking good! 

I look forward to making these two quilts.  I ask myself if I am crazy because I just have a little way to go on my Splendid Sampler…..”press on!” I say!!!

I hope your Friday is SWEET.  Really, if you are at all interested in making this quilt, I hope you will join me.  I will post along with Angel Gnome, so it really should be a breeze:) 

Grandma Florene’s Old Settler Beans

Florene was a dear friend of mine.  She was the neighborhood grandma.  I loved her so much.  She taught me to quilt, sew, and cook.  She was always going about delivering food and visiting with the other ladies in the area.  She left a huge hole in my heart when she passed away.

These beans were her very favorite meal.  She constantly talked about them and shared them with family and friends. I was one of the lucky few that she actually shared the recipe with.  It is a golden memory for me every time I make them.

 This recipe has passed the test of time.  She loved it,  I love it, my kids love it, and I’m sure you will too!

I mean, really… you just can’t stop with one bowl of these slightly SWEET, beans.  They are so delicious!!  Top them with a sprinkle of cheese, and spoonful of salsa and you will be taken back to yester years.

Here is the recipe:

Old Settler Beans


  • 1lb ground beef
  • 1lb bacon
  • 1large onion, chopped
  • 1 28oz can baked beans, undrained 
  • 1 15oz can pinto beans, undrained
  • 1/4c ketchup
  • 1/3c sugar
  • 1/3c brown sugar
  • 1tbs molasses
  • 1tbs vinegar
  • 1tsp garlic salt
  • Shredded cheese and salsa for garnish


In a large skillet, cook bacon.  Remove and add hamburger and chopped onion to brown.  Chop bacon in small pieces while meat is cooking.  Mix all of the remaining ingredients in a crockpot.  Add the bacon and browned hamburger and onions.  Stir to combine.  Cook on low for 3-4 hours.  Serve topped with a slight sprinkle of brown sugar, cheese, and a spoonful of salsa.

I do hope you will give this golden recipe a try.  Please comment and let me know if you do:)

Meadow Backpack- Done!

I can’t believe I waited FOUR YEARS to make this backpack!  It is adorable!!  I can’t wait to fill it up:)

The pattern is by Sue Spargo.  She sells patterns for totes and other goodies on her website here, but I don’t think she still sells this backpack. Maybe if you email and ask, you might be able to pick one up…..I added this loop to make it easy to hang and grab.  When I make another, I will add side pockets for keys and sunglasses, etc. as well.

The inside has two large pockets.  The pack is the perfect size for a take on bag at the airport.  I can just see my iPad and a small project fitting inside.   

My daughter liked it so much that we cut one out for her to make up as well!  She is going to use it for a diaper bag.  Great idea!!

Here is a picture I took of myself in the mirror trying to show the bag.  I’m sorry for the poor quality photo, but you get the idea of how it looks on the shoulder:). Isn’t it cute?!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and following along on my creative journeys.  Life is definitely so SWEET!

Totally Awesome Embroidered Wool Backpack

Hello!  I am always happy to journal and share the projects that are bringing so much enjoyment  to my life.  This embroidered flower backpack is definitely one of those:)I have tried so many fun stitches to really amp up the appliqué here.  If you read my previous blog about this, you will remember that I am finally sewing on a Sue Spargo backpack kit that I have had for about four years.  The pattern is called Meadow Backpack and is going to look like this:

The kit did not give instructions for the fun embroidery, so I have been trying to learn new stitches from books and online.  Here is a fun candy cane stripe that makes the leaves so nice and tidy.

Isn’t that fun?!  I did finally get a hang of the bullion stitch.  Perfect? No.  But it still looks nice to me:).  I had a tricky time learning the chain with a French knot stitch.

Here is an “in a nutshell” photo explanation of how to do it:

  • 1-3 make a lazy daisy stitch
  • 4- take a small stitch right above the daisy stitch do not pull through yet
  • 5- wrap thread over the needle 
  • 6- pull through
  • 7- put needle under thread between top knot and daisy and pull through
  • 8- repeat with another daisy stitch

 It’s not too hard once you get the hang of it. It is definitely easier and quicker than the bullion stitch!

I just love how this is turning out and am excited to continue with the construction of my bag on Monday.  I hope I can finish it then.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  You really do make my day SWEET!

Spring Break in the Las Vegas Desert 

I am one of those moms who enjoys being with my kids so much that I will go on two spring breaks just because two kids have different spring break schedules.  Can’t they all just coordinate their schedules?  The bad thing about these spring breaks is that they both go to ASU.  One is in law school and the other is an undergraduate.  And they STILL have different spring breaks!  Ugh!

Oh well, more driving time to crochet on baby blankets:)!This blanket is taking quite a bit longer than I anticipated.  I didn’t remember the double ended crochet stitch going so slowly, but it does.  And I have another one to do…

Oh well, it is worth it.  The blanket has lots of texture and lots of little holes for fingers and toes.  I love how it is different colors on the front and back.  The instructions for this stitch are here if you want them.

The drive through the spring desert was so beautiful.  The flowers were purple, yellow, and orange.  I just love road trips. I especially love springtime in the desert road trips:)!

Last week we did Disneyland.  This week we spent a few days in Las Vegas.  We do Vegas different than probably most everyone.  I did not spend one penny at the casinos.  Not one!  But we did enjoy a few shows. We went to the Blue Man group and the Cirque-Ka

We loved the shows, but especially liked our hikes in Red Rocks Canyon just outside of Las Vegas.  It was beyond beautiful!

We did two small hikes.  One in the Red Rocks area and one to Willow Springs.  Both were easy, short hikes that everyone could enjoy. 

Those red sand stone rocks were beautiful!! We even spotted a caterpillar nest!  I wonder what kind of moth or butterfly they will be?

The hike to the waterfall was shady and cool.  It was only about 1.5 miles of fairly easy trail.

And lastly we spent some time at the Las Vegas Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Temple. 

We had a super SWEET trip, but I am definitely ready to stay home for a while!

Scrap-Happy March–Maple Leaf Rag Quilt

It’s that Scrap Happy time again:). I always look forward to linking up with Kate and Gun on their monthly Scrap Happy challenge.  I love to see how everyone is using their scraps and making beautiful things.

I really feel Scrap happy today because my Maple Leaf Rag quilt is FINALLY feeling like I might have it under control. The last time I posted about my progress it was a five steps backward day.  But that day of preparation has set the groundwork for the rest of the quilt.  Yea!!

I opened my Maple Leaf Rag scrap box, and there were my nice and orderly 1.5″ strips that were all cut to the right length this time.

It was a breeze to sew them into strip groups of six.  I just listened to a book a cranked these puppies out:)

A quick press at the ironing board, and I had 10 long, beautiful strips in no time. I hope that will be enough, but I can always sew more if needed.

I was able to get two full sets of 8 triangles from each strip.  I cut one direction, and then flipped my wedge ruler and cut the other.   Easy!

I have enough for 22 webs.  Next month I will work on the crazy patches so I can start sewing them all together.  I just love it!

This quilt is going to be SWEET!  Thank you Kate for giving me a deadline each month to keep the project going:)

Meadow Backpack – Finally Starting

I am so excited to finally be working on my Meadow Backpack by Sue Spargo!  Back in 2013, I went to a Buggy Barn Quilt Show Retreat with a friend and we each bought a backpack kit.

Isn’t it so cute?!  We said we would make it together in a little while, so I put it in a box in my workroom and waited and then kind of forgot about it.

Well, due to unforeseen challenges, we were never able to get together to make the back pack.  In my cleaning extraordinare over the past few weeks, I opened the box and there sat my beautiful kit!  GIT-R DONE!!!

I started cutting and sewing and piecing.  Yea!!!  So much fun:)!

I sprayed the wool pieces on the back with temporary 505 fabric adhesive.  This made it easy  to place them on my fabric flap so I could hand sew them down.

Looking good!  Now for the fun part…. Sue Spargo type embroidery:). I have never tried most of these stitches and the pattern didn’t include them.  I am just looking at the pictures I took of some of her work back at the quilt retreat and am trying to match some of her stitches.

This is Sue Spargo’s embroidery. I took a picture of it at a retreat

Isn’t her work GORGEOUS?!!  Well, I know that I am a novice at this technique, but I am always willing to try.:). Here I go….

I am tying French knots, adding buttons and trying to learn that darn bullion stitch!

I must say that I am totally loving this embroidery adventure.  This back pack is going to be SWEET!! 

I hope you have a great weekend;)!