Long Time Gone SAL -Trip Around the World

Good Evening:)!!  Has another week flown by so fast?  I hope everyone’s Easter was filled with family and delicious food.  Mine was…especially the blueberry muffins from the Fantastic Bake Along.  I’m excited for next month, Yum!!

Today I was able to find an hour or two to sew on my Long Time Gone Quilt by Jen Kingwell.   I am joining Gnome Angel on this weekly QAL.  So far, so good.  I am still caught up.  It’s amazing, right? Lol:)

This week’s block was the Trip Around the World Block.  There were lots and lots of little squares that all joined together to make a beautiful block.

I sewed strips together and then sub cut them to get the block started.

I laid my block out to make it easier to sew the strips back together in the right order.  Even then, I still messed up a bit, but it wasn’t too hard to add the extra red square that I forgot.

I sewed the first half altogether.  It made me smile to see it all nice and orderly:) smile smile!

And then it was easy to join the two halves together.

It all finished into this SWEET Trip Around the World Block. 

That wasn’t hard now, was it?  I think I should come up with some saying, like, “quilters from around the world, all stitched together in a common project, make the world a beautiful place”.  

Yep, I like it!  Thanks for dropping by:)

5 thoughts on “Long Time Gone SAL -Trip Around the World

  1. I LOVE trip around the world! My parents’ wedding quilt from my grandma and great grandma was a trip around the world with some larger white centers and a red and black path then scrappy ones. I remember laying on that quilt learning my colors! Quilts are so full of memories!

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