It’s a Wedding Cake Day! 

I love wedding cake days!  Colton and Aubrey chose this beautiful design with red roses and heavily layered buttercream.

It is funny how for years it has been fondant, fondant, and more fondant.  I’m glad to see the change.  I like the texture of the loosely laid frosting.

I liked the lighted food bar that gave an added dimension to the room and cake:)

No matter how pretty the cake looks, if it doesn’t taste good it is not a success.  This cake was deep chocolate with a cream cheese center.  Yum!  

Here is a picture of the bride and groom cutting the cake.  Aren’t they cute?!

Thank you for dropping by and reading my happy blog.  It has been a very SWEET day!  

23 thoughts on “It’s a Wedding Cake Day! 

      1. I feel a small batch of frosted vanilla cupcakes coming on… Portion control, you know? Faced with a big ol’ chocolate cake and I’d go a little crazy…


  1. So beautiful Tracy!!! I love the texture of the icing too. Fondant is pretty but it almost makes cakes look like they aren’t real. This looks gorgeous and it looks like a delicious yummy scrumptious cake!!! 😀

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      1. I just took a batch of the To Die for Blueberry muffins out of my new oven 5 minutes ago!! 😀 Spending a little time with hubby right now but I will be outside with my hook and yarn later today!! Hope you’re having a fantastic Labor day too!! 😀

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