A Final Shout to My Quiet Book!

I know that I should be saying shhhh… stay quiet, but I am so happy with my finished quiet book that I want to jump up and say Hooray!!:)

I used two orphaned 12.5″ quilt blocks from my tone it down quilt for the cover. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

I have had so much fun making every page of this truly creative book. I enjoyed saying ROAR as I sewed the Lion page with his braided tail. And who doesn’t like a polka dot pocket stuffed with a hankie?

Does anyone have the time? This happy clock will be happy to mark it down. I bet the snaps on this dress are going to be a favorite quiet time activity:)

Maybe the car in the garage will be the toy of choice, or the darling little clothespins might actually make laundry fun. I’m glad I have a dryer and don’t have to actually hang clothes on a line!

Fuzzy soft mittens and a soft little chick are a treat for little fingers…ok, I like feeling them too. But my fingers are a bit too big to make the chick’s beak .

I like the bright colors of the flowers and the turtle’s shell.

I bound each of these pages with dressmakers tape that was given to me by a dear older friend . She passed away a few years back, but now I will look at this book and always remember her:)

It has been a fun fun adventure making this little quiet book. It is kind of an addictive project. I may have to make a few for my grandchildren as well….we shall see:)!

Thank you for following along. Please feel free to comment below and say hi. Friends like you always make my day a T-Sweets day!!

23 thoughts on “A Final Shout to My Quiet Book!

  1. What a great little book to help children develop manual dexterity!! Just needs a zipper and Velcro to cover all the bases. Something like this would also be good for older folks with dementia and arthritis. Wonderful idea!!

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    1. Thank you so much! You are right about the zipper:). I have a little tepee page but didn’t want to over picture everyone. You are a smart reader and noticed! Lol:)! As far as older folks go—. That is genius! I hadn’t thought of that. The wheels are turning…. 😊❤️


  2. big round of applause on this one ~ so adorable and perfect for little ones at church. I remember you beginning this that was its main purpose. A light bulb just went off in my head as I was reading all the comments … what about a ‘Quiet Book’ done in bible stories or bible characters !!!! LOL I know I am adding to your project load ideas and maybe you thought of that already (?) had to mention this because if anyone could craft this idea – you can! Sharon


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