Sunny Day Mandala

Amidst a crazy world, I am grateful for so many things. I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for my family, home, food on my table, and toilet paper in my bathroom! I am grateful for talents and interests that give stress relief.

I am enjoying working on this Sunny Crochet Mandala. It is becoming a metaphor for the hope of bright days ahead.

I am enjoying each new round and watching the rays of the sun emerge. But the back is not quite the work of art that the front is. Lol!

All those ends need to be woven in. —I know that there are many ways to conquer the starting and ending tails of crochet. Some say to just finish off and crochet over the tail ends.

I have tried that in the past to my extreme disappointment. I don’t like how the loose ends tend to shift and poke their heads out.

I prefer a quiet evening and a large eyed needle. It really isn’t hard to just stitch that thread one direction for a few stitches and then back on itself a few stitches

Once the thread is clipped, the tails are invisible. Those tails aren’t going anywhere! They are in for good so be sure that you really are finished with that round because there is no frogging or “rippit rippit” available.

I usually leave my messy threads for quite a few rounds just in case I need to start a round over. Hey, you never know , right? Lol!

Thank you so much for stopping by today. Please feel free to comment and let me know how you manage finishing your threads.

Until next time, I hope you and your loved ones stay healthy❤️

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15 thoughts on “Sunny Day Mandala

  1. I love your Mandala–so bright and cheerful…I always used a big-eye needle to weave in loose thread on the crochet and knitting I used to do (hands won’t allow it anymore). I love seeing projects like yours…
    Hope you stay safe hugs, Julierose

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    1. Hi Julierose! Thank you so much for dropping by today! I’m glad that you agree with me about the weaving in of the threads. The extra effort is definitely worth the peace of mind knowing that those stitches are secure. I’m so sorry about your hands. You are definitely not alone with that. I hear it a lot. I hope you have found other creative outlets. If not, We can enjoy talking about crochet together.❤️❤️🙂


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