Scrap Dance Twist!

I have been enjoying scrap dancing with Carole from My Carolina Home these past few months. She has started a fun mystery quilt along called The Twist! A Scrap Dance Mystery. Isn’t that cute?!

It’s really not too late to join the dance. The first month was a cutting month. Carole’s directions are wonderful as she tells the amount of squares needed for multiple sizes of quilts.

I had a beautiful blue and yellow layer cake that was just calling out to me to be used in this project. I cut them into fourths making a bunch of 5” charm squares. That’s a good little trick to know:)

The second month was fun as we learned a new way to make quick 2.5” double squares. Where have I been?!

The first step is to place two 5” squares right sides together. Sew down one side and then sew down the opposite side like railroad tracks.

The next step is the magic- just cut that sewn together square into fourths and, presto!— You have four, two square units! How slick is that?!

And finally, month #3, is a half square triangle month that really moves along quite nicely. It is especially easy if you have a “Perfect Half Square Triangle” Maker.

Marking those lines on these large squares is a breeze:). Just center the solid line to the corners and, zip! zip! The sewing lines are ready to go. Yea!!

The ruler even has a nifty area for rotary cutting the square in half between the sewing lines. It’s a wonderful little tool:)

Phew! Now I am all caught up and ready for next month’s dance party. Why don’t you join along? We can all do the Twist together!:)

Please feel free to comment and/or Follow along . I always enjoy making new friends like you!:)

10 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Twist!

  1. Great material choice for this quilt. So bright and full of promise 🙂 I went over to Carole’s page and loved it, tried to follow her but ran into problems but I did contact her and hope we can clear this up. Have a wonderful week, stay safe, creative and positive 🙂


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