Long Time Gone – Log Cabin and Half Square Triangle Blocks

I have been having so much fun with this quilt along by Gnome Angel.  We are sewing the Jen Kingwell Long Time Quilt.  I like sewing  with these bright colors and fun blocks.  Her style just hits the mark with me!

 Last week I had fun cutting small strips and sewing them back together into diagonal log cabin blocks.

It is interesting how she used different widths of fabric to add interest and movement to the block.  I made four of these cute blocks:)

Next I sewed up about 100 half square triangles. I like to sew them a little larger than called for and trim them down to size.  That way they are always perfect!

Don’t they look pretty?

I sewed these little squares into three different blocks.  The first was just 5 rows of straight half square triangles all going the same direction.  Cute!

The next block had a larger square in the middle and the half squares arranged in different directions.

The final block was a type of trip around the world block.  This one was my favorite:)

I am looking forward to the rest of this quilt. It is so totally SWEET!!

Thank you for dropping by:)

Long Time Gone Quilt – Court House Steps and Bake Along

There is something about cutting fabric into little pieces and sewing the small pieces of fabric back together in a new order and pattern that is just so therapeutic.  This has been my therapy for the week:)

I cut all of my strips and started sewing from edge to edge changing colors from light to dark.

It was fun to watch these steps grow larger and larger with each round.

Here they are all finished and looking pretty:). 

I am joining along with Gnome Angel in the Quilt Along that will be going through the summer.  We are all sewing this beautiful quilt designed by Jen Kingwell.  I just LOVE her designs!  

I am also excited for tomorrow’s Fantastic Bake Along:).  We are making Double Dipped Fried Chicken.  You can still join in the fun.  We would love to cook along with you:)!  It’s going to be SWEET!!

I can’t wait until tomorrow:)!  Happy quilting and cooking!!

Long Time Gone SAL- Churn Dash Blocks

These little Churn Dash blocks are just so adorable;)!  I mean, look how cute they are!

This week’s section of the sew along with Gnome Angel on the Long-Time Gone Quilt by Jen Kingwell (that’s a mouthful! Lol) was a little more time consuming than I thought it would be, but still it wasn’t too bad.

The hardest part is always choosing the colors and cutting the little squares and rectangles.  I like to cut mine out all at once and place them in block groups on my preview board.

This method makes it easy for me to just sew away at my machine and chain those little blocks together:)

I sew them in groups and then cut them apart in groups and then start to sew again  block by block.  This is kind of like assembly line sewing.  It is easy because if the preparation on my preview board:)

Each little block is just a little work of art, but together they are really above and beyond! 

 I never knew I would like the churn dash block so much!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I hope you have a super SWEET Day!

Long Time Gone – Plus a Star Block

Good Monday morning to you!  This week’s Long Time Gone block was a lot trickier than it looked.  Really, how hard could a regular star block and a bunch of straight lined squares and rectangles be?

I cut each plus unit and the star unit to the specified sizes.  Easy.  I really wanted the star to pop, so I made sure the pluses were all colored while the star was black and white.

I started laying out my design and found that it was trickier than I thought.  I really, really had to look at the diagram carefully.  Getting those plus units in the right place took some time and thought.

The pattern said to sew the center of the star nine patch first and then lay out the rest of the pieces, but that made lining up the rest of the blocks a little off and hard to match.

Now on to the easy part, just the row by row sewing.  That was trickier too!  Did I miss a square?  Ugh! I did!  I should have taken that nine patch apart, and started over, but I thought I had it….

Oh well,  I did finally get those plus blocks to line up correctly.  And guess what, I really like them:)!

And the star looked like a beautiful black and white star. Yea!!

But, even looking at these blocks while writing this post, I can see that that darn star block has messed up the plus blocks!

Do you see the pink heart on the top left corner of the star?   The pink should come down into the star to complete the plus.  Really?!   The instructions really didn’t talk about continuing the pluses…. oh well, my seam ripper and I are good friends.  We have a love/hate relationship:)

Ok, I’m back.  That opened Pandora’s Box!  All of those half square triangles had to be changed out and those pesky pluses had to be figured out.  Wow! What a job!  But it is finally done and I like it so so so much better.  The pattern is right now. Whew!

I’m glad I unsewed and fixed it.   It was worth it. Here is a picture with all of my blocks together.  I took the picture before the changes, but you still get the idea.   

Isn’t it great?!   The pattern is from Jen Kingwell’s pattern Long Time Gone.   I am joining along in the quilt along with Gnome Angel.   It is really fun, despite this tricky little block:). Why don’t you join us?

Thank you for dropping by.  I hope you have a totally SWEET day without any “unsewing”.  

Long Time Gone SAL -Trip Around the World

Good Evening:)!!  Has another week flown by so fast?  I hope everyone’s Easter was filled with family and delicious food.  Mine was…especially the blueberry muffins from the Fantastic Bake Along.  I’m excited for next month, Yum!!

Today I was able to find an hour or two to sew on my Long Time Gone Quilt by Jen Kingwell.   I am joining Gnome Angel on this weekly QAL.  So far, so good.  I am still caught up.  It’s amazing, right? Lol:)

This week’s block was the Trip Around the World Block.  There were lots and lots of little squares that all joined together to make a beautiful block.

I sewed strips together and then sub cut them to get the block started.

I laid my block out to make it easier to sew the strips back together in the right order.  Even then, I still messed up a bit, but it wasn’t too hard to add the extra red square that I forgot.

I sewed the first half altogether.  It made me smile to see it all nice and orderly:) smile smile!

And then it was easy to join the two halves together.

It all finished into this SWEET Trip Around the World Block. 

That wasn’t hard now, was it?  I think I should come up with some saying, like, “quilters from around the world, all stitched together in a common project, make the world a beautiful place”.  

Yep, I like it!  Thanks for dropping by:)

Rockin’ the Long Time Gone SAL – Jacob’s Ladder

I can’t believe another week has gone by!  I am just in LOVE with this quilt! Every new section has made me smile:)

I am joining Gnome Angel in this Sew-along Quilt-along.  The pattern is the Long Time Gone quilt by the absolutely amazing Jen Kingwell.  You can grab a pattern here or on amazon if you want to join in on the fun!

This week’s section was the Jacob’s Ladder block. It is just so so cute!

It was a very easy block to make.  I cut the fabrics for each block and set them out on my preview board.

I then placed the two small blocks on the larger block of each color and sewed down the center in the stitch and flip method,

I know a lot of people trim the extra away on the back, but I just flip, press, and go.  I sewed up the little four patches and then laid the blocks out again on my handy preview board.

I like to sew each row and each block seperatly so I don’t get lost.  The blocks turned out fantastic!

Then I just had to sew them together in three rows of three.  Easy!

As you can see, I really am enjoying this sew along.  Why don’t you join us? It is SWEET!

Long Time Gone SAL week #3

I found a little bit of sewing time this past Saturday as I listened to the General Conference of our church online.  It was a very enjoyable day. 

I am quilting along with Gnome Angel as we sew the Long Time Gone Quilt by Jen Kingwell.  It is so fun!  These little Crosses of the U.K. blocks just stitched right up.  Aren’t they cute?

It took longer just choosing my fabrics and cutting them out than sewing them together.  I cut the fabric to the specified sizes in the pattern and then put them all in block groups  on my preview board.

Here is how I sewed them up.–

I marked the center of the triangles and sewed them to each side of the long triangle.  I pressed them open and squared them up.

Isn’t that easy?  Now I laid the block out and sewed them up.

The block is adorable!!  Here is another:)

There is nothing like a SWEET day of sewing:). God bless you and happy sewing!