It’s an Idyllic Day!

Good afternoon! I have been crocheting like crazy for new babies that are joining my family and friends. I am so excited about how this little boy blanket turned out and wanted to share it with you. I think it might put on a smile on your face by looking at it just like it does for mine.

I love the soft texture and color of the simple variegated yarn I had in my stash. It is a baby acrylic and worked up perfectly.

This really didn’t take me very long. Maybe a week or two? Once I started the actual pattern repeat it zoomed along:)

I like how the border really finishes it off nicely, don’t you?

I used a pattern called Idyllic Day that I had in an old Afghans for All Seasons book. Do any of you remember those? I still have several of them and still browse through for inspiration. Modern yarn can really bring them back to life:)

Oxmoor House

I hope you can get your hands on this book. It has several fun patterns. But if not, I think the pattern is online.

Well, it has been fun sharing this project with you. I apologize for my absence over the last while. I really don’t know how time can slip away so quickly. I am still creating and am excited to be sharing with you! I will be back in a day or two with a little blessing blanket I have been working on. Too much fun!!

But until then, here is another picture of my “Idyllic Day”. I hope yours is an Idyllic, SWEET day as well!

9 thoughts on “It’s an Idyllic Day!

  1. Hi, Tracy!

    I was so happy to get your post in my inbox and to know that you are alright! I’ve really missed reading your blog and seeing all your beautiful quilting projects. Looking forward to seeing more. Hugs, Eileen

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