I’ll Make It Work!

My sewing room is a disaster. I am wanting to organize it and make it an inviting place again, but first I have to get to a stopping spot on my Simple Folk Quilt.

I’m sure you know what I mean when I say “stopping spot”. It means I’m in the middle of a tricky part that can’t just be put in a box because if I do, I will never remember what I was doing again. It is the messy part of a project and I’m right in the middle of it. It’s a sticky, yucky, mess!

Those pieces just DO NOT work for me.. Center points be hanged! These absolutely positively HAVE to measure 12.5 inches but using the provided pattern they come to around 11.5 inches. Ugh!

I have taken them all apart. I have measured and remeasured. I have redesigned and have had to add on to the corner pieces and to the center pieces and they STILL don’t end up right! Each block is taking forever!!

I know- I know my printer must have been off because everyone else seems to have these perfectly pointed blocks. Well, I’m out of fabric to recut so now I just have to add on and sew and adjust and adjust some more.

It’s not pretty. … this one had to come out and try try again.

OK, calm down, Tracy—- It’s not as bad as it sounds… well it is, but the only good thing is that an appliqué circle will go over the point anyway. It won’t show up. But it absolutely must be 12.5” so.. I will make it work

I think that’s good advice-

  • Calm Down
  • Check and recheck the pattern
  • Try to fix it
  • Embrace the mistake and….
  • A little bit of appliqué goes a long way!

Whew! I feel a little better already. It’s still going to take me way too long to finish 6 more blocks, but oh, it is going to be way worth it!:)

Yes—. I love it! Thank you for reading through my pity party and coming to the other side of the hill. Lol:). Have a great day!!