100 Block Progress

I have been sewing and pressing away at my house. And just look how things are coming along!

I am joining a few of my friends in sewing along with Sherri Noel @. rebeccamaedesigns She has designed the cutest 100 Block Community sew along. We are all having a great time!

A few of my favorite blocks are the butterfly, the appliqué flowers, the Dresden plates, the house, and the spools.

Really- they are all so cute, it is hard to choose one or three or ten of my favorites! Lol:)

I like to cut a bunch of the blocks out and put them in my design block book and then I can carry them to my sewing machine, wherever that may be, and sew a bunch of blocks at once.

It works for me and then I seem to accomplish more:). Just look at my blocks all coming together—

I have a few more as well that will have to wait until I see a few more to fit in the collage:)

It is always so satisfying to see a stack of beautiful quilt blocks all together. I keep mine in a napkin holder. It fits those 6.5” blocks perfectly.

It’s been a great day! I love sharing some of it with you:). Please feel free to join the fun. I welcome your comments and would love to have you follow along!



Today’s uplifting thought is—