A Thailand Quilt Begins

With the beginning of the New Year, we all seem to be looking at our unfinished projects and setting goals to get a few of them done this year. I am right along with you!

I could write a list of the quilting hopefuls for this year, but instead I will just move ahead and start with the ones taking space on my counter. The first of these is a very quick and easy quilt that I am excited to start.

Last year we went to Thailand, and of course, I had to buy some beautiful, bright fabric. I am still in love!

These are wraps that I bought for around $5.00 each. Aren’t they just beautiful? My friend fell in love with the fabric too so I will be making two throws of whatever size they end up.

I have been planning and looking for inspiration all year as to what design to make. Finally, I remembered seeing a diamond type quilt at a local quilt show a few years back that I know I can easily throw together in no time at all. No pattern needed.

I used this diamond ruler that I bought a few months ago. It is absolutely perfect!

I cut a three 5 1/2″ strips from each of my beautiful fabrics . And then used my diamond ruler to cut about 130 perfect 60 degree diamonds in no time at all. I’m sure I could have used the 60 degree line on my regular ruler as well.

Ahh…the joy of newly cut, perfect stacks of fabric:)!

I then cut a bunch of 1 3/4″ strips from the rest of the fabric. I wasn’t sure how many strips I would need, so I made sure to leave some extra fabric to cut more just in case.

Now the sewing fun begins!

It was a bit tricky learning how to strip sew the diamonds to the long 1 3/4″ strips. The angle made it feel awkward. But after a little trial and error, it really wasn’t hard at all.

I sewed six diamonds of each color to one strip at a time and then pressed and trimmed them.

I did the same to the opposite side.

And I finally sewed the opposite two sides with a final bordering strip. Easy! I am so happy with my bordered diamonds. Hey!- that would be a great name for this quilt.. “Bordered Diamonds”

And that about does it for me tonight. I am sure that I can have this quilt finished next week or the week after. My sewing room is going to be so happy for the extra space:)

Until next time, I hope you have a simply wonderful and SWEET day!