Grinda Shawl Parts 2 and 3

I have really been enjoying crocheting this delicate shawl. It is filled with advanced beginner stitches that stitch up in no time.

I like the contrast of the front loop raised stitch and the lacey stitch of the body. It separates each section and adds a bit of interest to the eye and touch.

I am using a Scheepjes Whirl Cake that I bought on Etsy. The color is in these lovely plum tones called “Tasty Nom Nom #789”. I like how gradually the color changes into a delicate ombré effect.

The pattern for this shawl is called the Grinda shawl designed by Tatsiana @Lila Bjorn Crochet, and it is free! Yea! I always love that word, don’t you?:). Tatsiana is so talented. I love all of her designs❤️

It is quite easy to follow the pattern. It has written instructions and a stitch map for each section. I use the stitch map. I find it easier to just look and stitch instead of read and stitch.

I’m excited to start part 4 of my Grinda Shawl. It is the final section before the lace edging. It’s almost done…well, these next few rows are longer and take quite a few more stitches to finish. It may still take a while:)

Oh well, I enjoy the therapy of stitching in the evenings while watching a show with my cute husband. By the way, we are watching “Ozark” and are addicted! Thank you Tierney for the recommendation:). We watch with a program called Vid Angel to clean it up to our tolerance.

This beautiful shawl is going to be a Christmas gift for my mother. She will not be able to see it very well because she has macular degeneration, but she will love the texture.

I am enjoying this project so much, that I might make another shawl for my mother-in-law as well!

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I hope you are having a totally SWEET day!


Back To The Hook with Grinda!

I love to crochet and have been sadly missing my crochet time. I have been so busy with quilting and life that I have not picked up a crochet hook in months. Well, I am happy to report that I am stitching again. Yea!!

When I saw this beautiful Grinda MAL shawl designed by Tatsiana @Lila Bjorn Crochet, I knew I had to make one, or two.

I have not crocheted anything for my mother in a very long time. I thought I would make a Shawl for her for Christmas. I ordered my Scheepjes Whirl and Whirlette yarn on Etsy. It is just the perfect color for her. I know she will love it:)

The pattern is free and is written in 5 parts. It did not take me too long to stitch up part # 1. I always find the first few inches of any crochet project to be the trickiest.

I like the lacey stitch and softness of the cotton blend yarn. I am getting used to using such thin yarn. It has been a while since I have had to manage a string yarn.

I’m excited to watch as the color blends to pink on part 2:)

I think each part will be divided by this raised ridge stitch. Isn’t it pretty?:)

Here is my completed part 1 of the Grinda MAL Shawl. I am going to absolutely love this!

I hope you are having a wonderful day filled with a creative project or two. Life is so so SWEET!

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Stardust Melodies Finished!

I am so happy to say that I have finally finished my Stardust Melodies Afghan.  Yea! :).   It turned out even nicer than I thought it would.  I just love it when that happens!

Here are all of my beautiful blocks stacked and ready to be sewn together.  I love looking at neatly piled blocks.  Don’t you?

Then it was on to sewing them together.   That took longer than I thought would because I laid them out on the floor and had to go back and forth changing colors to match the block.  Then I had to weave in the tails as well.

It was no problem, it just took longer than I thought it would.   Next was the border.  I am absolutely in love with it!

The border is this gorgeous textured finishing touch for this afghan.  Before it was added I felt the blocks kind of fought against themselves with each trying to be the star of the show.   The border calmed them all down and unified them.

Isn’t it great how that happens?!   Here are a few more shots of my finished blanket—

It makes me want to snuggle up in a soft chair and read a book or write a blog post 🙂

I am going to fold this blanket and wrap it up to give to some dear SWEET friends for Christmas.  I am excited to give it to them❤️

Thank you for following along on my Stardust Melodies crochet journey.   If you are interested in making this beautiful afghan,  you can get the free pattern on Polly Plum’s everytrickonthehook.   I paid for the larger option offered on

This is my second finish for the Q4FAL. I’m on my way:)

It is definitely a SWEET day at my house today!


Stardust Melodies – Adventures in Crochet Texture

Good morning!  I am excited to finally have a moment to share my progress on my Stardust Melodies blocks. They are all so textured and beautiful 🙂

One of the things I really like about this CAL is that each block is a mini afghan in and of itself.  

I can easily finish one in an evening of sewing or a short road trip with my DH.

I am using yarn that has been in my stash for way too long.  I’m glad to have a project where I can use it up without the need of matching perfectly:)

Most of the blocks are quite easy to just jump right in and crochet away.

Don’t they look fantastic?! — But one block in particular took a little more patience.

This one filled with “x”s was an adventure in stitch and frog, stitch and frog until I finally got it!

I have also learned that scratchier yarn is better than soft, silky yarn on this project.

This block is super soft, but very flimsy, and the pattern kind of gets lost.  I don’t know if I will make another with this yarn or not.  I definitely need the lighter block color….we’ll see:)

Here are my blocks neatly blocked and stacked.  Yum! Yum!  They are so SWEET!!

And this is my current block that will be done tonight.   It may be my favorite yet:)  And now there are only 12 more to go!

If any of you are interested in joining along in this crochet texture adventure, you can join in here.

Thank you for stopping by:). I hope you have a great day filled with all kinds of creative adventures!

Stardust Melodies and a New BABY!!

I have been happily crocheting along on this adventure in textures CAL.  Each block is so unique and pretty!  I love how  all of these different shades of purples look together:)

This past week I made three different blocks.  The first was this deep purple block.  I find that I am looking at the crochet map more than reading the instructions round by round.  I like that Polly gives the option for both.  She also has video tutorials if needed:)

The next was a fun basket weave block.  It worked up really quickly once I got the hang of the pattern.

Isn’t it great?  

For my final block this week I chose a fun magenta colored yarn.  Most of these yarns are leftovers from previous projects.  Some of them have been in the drawer for years now.   I’m glad to be using them!

This is a really fun CAL and not hard at all. If you have done a bit of crocheting in the past,  it is a breeze.  You can join along here if you are interested in the patterns.  Some of these are free on her blog while others are in an ebook available on her Ravelry page.

If you want to check out my other blocks, you can find them here:

Stardust Melodies Block #1

I hope you have a SWEET day!

PS– for those of you who have been following me and know that I have been anxiously looking forward to my two grandsons coming this month and next,  my daughter had her baby on Sunday!!!  He is perfectly beautiful and mother is doing well.  My buttons are bursting with joy over him:)!!

Sweet-Haus CAL- Sunday Shawl Border

Good Monday morning to you!  Margareta from “At Margareta’s Haus” and I have been busily crocheting away on our beautiful Sunday Shawls this past week.  It is always fun to watch a project come together from a few small stitches to a beautiful piece of wearable art.

We are making this shawl from The Sunday Shawl pattern on Ravelry.   I am excited to be working on and finishing the beautiful, colorful border this week.The border really makes this shawl stand out.  It is so colorful and pretty.  The pattern is quite simple and easy to execute.  Even the bobble stitch is fairly simple, but really adds a “pop” to the rest of the rows:)It’s not hard. It is just a matter of pulling the stitches a bit longer and leaving the stitch on the hook while you add a few more.

It won’t be long now before this shawl is finished.  Next week the border will be done and it will meet the blocking station.  I think I will start my dress this week to finish the look….we will see:)

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.  I hope your day is SWEET!

Sweet Haus CAL #3 – The Sunday Shawl Preparations 

I have gathered my yarn and am looking with excitement at it in anticipation of this CAL.  It is only two weeks away!

I have checked my gauge. It is 2″ and ready to go.

I am happy to be crocheting along  with Margareta from At Margareta’s Haus. Why don’t you join us?  

Here are the details: 

  • Order your pattern on Ravelry
  • Gather up your yarn and hook
  • Be ready to start on February 6th
  • Finish on February 20th

That’s it.  Easy! 

If you decide to join us, let me know and I will link you up to our progress posts.  How fun is that?!

Have a super SWEET day!

Sweet Haus CAL#3 – The Sunday Shawl

I am excited to be starting my third crochet along with Margareta from At Margareta’s Haus.  Why don’t you join us?   Last year we each made a Mandala Madness along with Helen at crystals and crochet.  It turned out so pretty!

We then continued the fun by joining in on the  Peacock Bag CAL by Lilly Bjorn Crochet.  This bag get compliments every time I go to the store!

And now, we are going to make The Sunday Shawl by Little Bee along with the Facebook group, Pippen Crochet.   The pattern is on Isn’t it beautiful?  

I have purchased my yarn and am ready to go.  I am using super wash merino wool.   Ooh, I am just in love with these luscious colors!! The main color is going to be the beautiful burnt orange/rust and the edging will be the other lovely colors.  

I must give a word of warning about online purchases though.  I ordered the orange from the same company, BUT when my happy box full of yarn arrived, I opened it only to find that the rusty orange color pictured online was really a barn yard red. Ugh!

So, I went to a local store and spent quite a bit more on the orange yarn in the picture.  I love it though, and they wound it into these SWEET cakes for me.  

I am excited to get started on this shawl.  If you are interested in joining us, we are going to start on February 6th.  That is several weeks away  so you will have time to gather your supplies:). 

I hope to be crocheting along with you soon!

Mandala Madness- Complete!

Am I insane?!  I just made a 6ft+ Mandala!  This thing is HUGE!   I have learned many new stitches and techniques. All of them were so very fun.  Each round was something new and beautiful.

I started this crochet project back in August and here, in November,  I am finally putting the last stitch in it.  Yea!  Moments like these deserve a picture:)
I absolutely LOVE this afghan. The colors are bright and bold.  The Scheepjes yarn is so soft and snuggly.

Here are a few pictures:

I even had a little photo shoot with it to celebrate!But everyone knows that a beautiful, SWEET, young, red-head makes a much better model:)And absolutely nothing can beat a cute little 2 year old with his happy smile about being on a new blankey!

It has been an amazing journey.  I want to thank Helen at crystals and crochet for freely sharing this beautiful pattern with all of us.  You can find it here if you are interested in making one of your own.

Now it is time to place this masterpiece in a box with red and green wrapping for my daughter in law since she didn’t get s crocheted creation at her wedding.  I know she will cherish it:)

Thank you for stopping by and smiling with me as I share my creative adventures


Also, there are still a few days left to follow my blog and enter to win this beautiful quilt.  You can enter here.

Mandala Madness Almost Done

I am stitching away on this beauty at every “free” moment I can find.  It is large, no really really large.  It is probably 6 feet in diameter.  Each round is taking longer and longer to complete.I can’t believe how long the last orange round took me.  It seemed like every time I would be able to sit and stitch, someone would call or I would be so sleepy that I would stop after one small repeat.  It drove me crazy!

But as I am sitting here crocheting and looking at how pretty it is here on my lap, I just love it:). The feel of the Scheepjes yarn is so soft and the textures are hypnotic.

It has been a  delight!   The next post about this mandala will probably be to say that I am finished and to show you all my completed round afghan.   All that will be left will be the SWEET memories….

Until next time,