Drawing Lady Liberty

I had to have surgery on my wrist this past Monday. I can’t believe how it has knocked me out of sync! I have spent the last few days in bed just trying to find enough energy to get up every few hours or so. Ugh! Who would have thought this would have happened? The surgery is much worse than the actual break! Oh well, I should finally be on the up swing. Just 6-8 weeks until I have two hands again. I can do this!

Since I have been down, I have found that drawing is about the only thing I can do. I’m sure that in a week or so I will have my energy back and can try my hand at other endeavors like cleaning my house. There is a lot to put away after a trip! But for now, I am enjoying the still moments to draw a bit.

I was so inspired by The Statue of Liberty, that I just had to draw a few pictures of her.

This first drawing was inspired by a picture I took while on the ferry. I will share the original with you in a few days. I can also write blog posts, so I will be able to share a few photos from our trip. It was so fun-all except the broken wrist adventure!

My next drawing is a more vivid drawing of Lady Liberty. I’m not sure which I like better.

I don’t think I like either one better. I like them both and they both make me happy🙂. But I do think the bottom one is more a reflection of how I feel being stuck in bed with the hope of light at the end of the tunnel.

Until next time,

27 thoughts on “Drawing Lady Liberty

  1. Hi Tracy,
    Aww, you poor thing. I am so sorry to hear about you needing surgery and that it has knocked you down. I know your spirit will shine through soon. Rest – that is what your body is craving and what you need. {{Hugs}} You are really talented and I’m glad you are able to enjoy that gift while healing. I wish I were close by so I could give you a hand – literally. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Oh dear Tracy, I am so sorry that your wrist had complications! Anesthesia can really take it out if you, so do rest and maybe enjoy a movie or book? Your drawings should be framed, they are wonderful! Sending love and prayers for your fast recovery.💐♥️

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  3. Oh dear Tracy – I’m so sorry to hear about the complications.
    You are amazing…all the troubles and you manage to let your wonderful drawing talent shine through!
    I love your drawings 😍 Absolutely incredible!
    Sending healing vibes 💕 and more flowers 🌺 💐🌸🌼🌷

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  4. I’m so sorry you’ve had to have surgery. Do give yourself time to heal properly; doing too much too soon can delay proper healing. And yes, it’s completely understandable you’re tired – you’ve just had surgery and a general anaesthetic! I’ll cross my fingers for you to feel better very soon. In turn, please cross your fingers for me; I’m having surgery on my knee just after Easter and I’ll be on crutches for a week and not allowed to drive for a fortnight. It’ll be about 3 months before it’s right again. Boo….


  5. You’re good at that drawing thing! I like the first on best–with the whole context and the lettering–but they’re both marvelous. I hope you feel better and better every day!


  6. I really like them both too, but I have to say your calligraphy on the top drawing is amazing. Sending you good vibes for your wrist, rest well and don’t force too much 😘


  7. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. You are an artist of life! Get better quick! Down time is good to re-group and then press forward. You will be swing dancing in no time and be the best one out there!!
    Love you!

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  8. Lovely drawings! I hope you’re feeling a little better by now. It sucks that your wrist is out of commission for so long, but hopefully before you know it, you’ll be back to crafting.

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  9. Tracy, I’m so sorry that this happened to you. I hope that your recovery is a smooth and successful experience. In the meantime, I think you have an amazing talent to draw. Although this would not be the activity you would choose to practice at this time…I think it is certainly time well spent. 😊

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