I Love Baby Blankets!

I really do love crocheting small blankets for babies. I just imagine their little fingers and toes snuggling in the yarn and through the holes. My heart always smiles when I think of them being nestled up inside if it.

Our family recently welcomed a new baby boy into our family tree. His mother asked for a chevron blankie that I immediately said “Yes!” to. Now you are talking fun and quick!:)

I love the textures of a chevron blanket. This one is especially texturized because I alternated a single crochet back stitch only with a double crochet through both loops. I like how it gives another subtle chevron to the blanket

I didn’t worry too much about exact spacing of color design. I did try for even too and bottom borders but the spaces between the stripes and borders were more about how much yarn I had and the size it was getting to be.

Don’t you think the back stitch only creates a lovely design? It just calls for you to pet it and feel it. I’m sure my grandson is going to enjoy rubbing it with his little fingers.

I didn’t use any fancy yarns because I am sure this blanket will be dragged on the ground and washed many times. I used a baby yarn I bought at good old Walmart.

This pattern is an old tried and true favorite. It consists of 4 sc in the back loops, 3sc in the next back loop for the mountain and then 4 more back loop sc the skip 2st. Repeat this all the way across to the end. At the end sc in 3st then sc 2stitches together church 1 turn then sc first two stitches together sc in back loops of next 3 st then start with mountain stitch and repeat all over again until desired length. Easy!!

The double crochet edge skipped a stitch at the end and at the beginning instead of combining them like the single crochet edges.

Those chevron edges are so trendy! I love looking at them:)

I bet you have made a chevron blanket before, but if you haven’t, I hope you will give it a try. I’m sure you will love it!

And I can’t leave without sharing a picture of the cutest little baby ever ❤️❤️❤️. He is already nestled up in his new blanket. It’s definitely a T-SWEET day for sure!

Please feel free to comment and follow along. I always welcome making a new friend as well as visiting with my dear long time friends:)