“Tying” Up a Scrappy Quilt

Good Morning to you!  It is Scrap Happy time again:).  I always look forward to linking up with Kate over at Tall Tales from Chiconia each month.  

This month’s project is one that I actually feel guilty about.  My sister-in-law’s father passed away back in 2015.  She gave me his ties and asked if I could make a quilt from them for her.

I carefully deconstructed them,  lightly pressed them and placed them in a box to work on after Christmas presents and wedding preparations, and then more quilts, and then they just kind of got forgotten.  I feel so bad!

I was cleaning through things and looked in the box,  and uh oh! I knew that now was the time.  No more waiting for this one!

  • I took the piles of deconstructed ties and cut them into  1.5″ to 2.5″ strips.  I didn’t care how many.  I just cut until I had cut the whole tie.
  • I cut 30 – 8.5″ Scrap fabric from some of my sub quality fabrics.  They really do make great stabilizers!
  • I started sewing strips from the center corner out on both sides.   I didn’t care at all about what width of strip I was using. 

  • When I was finished sewing strips to a block, the whole base was covered as in the top left photo.
  • I turned the block over and trimmed the block nice and square.
  • I then sewed around the edges to keep the ties from shifting.

Here is a picture of my neatly stacked blocks.  Aren’t they pretty?

  • Next I cut 36- 2.5″x8.5″ strips from a complimentary brown fabric (manly of course!) 
  • Then I laid out my blocks going in opposite directions.  A beautiful diamond design magically appeared!
  • I labeled each row with tape to make sewing the rows easier.   I could easily take them all piled together by row to my sewing machine and not get mixed up as I sewed along:)
  • I measured the length of the strips and cut 7 more 2.5″ strips that length and sewed the quilt together.

Here it is all pieced and ready for quilting.

While it looks nice before quilting, it looks especially fantastic after quilting!

The added texture and binding really help to “tie” it all together.  Lol:)!

I backed this quilt with an olive green plaid flannel.   I was surprised with how much I liked it:)

Now it is time to fold it up and get it to my sister-in-law, FINALLY!  I know she is going to be overjoyed❤️

Thank you for dropping by today.  I hope you have SWEET, Scrap Happy day!

50 thoughts on ““Tying” Up a Scrappy Quilt

      1. I love the way u made this quilt! I have made tons of string quilts but not with ties and sashing‼️ This quilt truly rocks‼️ A job well done‼️


  1. Tracy, The quilt turned out amazing! What an awesome way to turn a father’s ties into a cherished memory quilt. I am convinced your family member would totally forget about the delay the minute she sees the quilt. Simply amazing! 🙂

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  2. What a gorgeous quilt! The ties certainly give it a masculine look and they add an element of interest that I don’t think could be replicated with any other fabric. I’m sure your sister-in-law will be thrilled. It might be like getting a hug from her father.

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  3. That’s an awesome tie quilt! Very masculine, but cozy, too. Looks like it would be at home on a well worn in leather sofa. Thanks for showing how to stabilize the ties, I’ve wondered how that’s done. It certainly makes a wonderful keepsake. 🙂

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    1. Hi Deb! I’m so glad you like this memory Tie Quilt:). I think I only had like 20 ties and my quilt finished to 52×60. You can definitely add more squares for a larger quilt. You could even add filler scraps of Dads old shirts if you need more fabric:)❤️


  4. This is beautiful, I have been collecting ties for some time now and quilt idea will be added to my list of things to do with them. I have made wreaths, covered lamp shades, that was fun and they look great, I have also woven the ties together to make chair seat covers and table centerpieces, they all turned out fine but I have never made a quilt out of them. Love this idea! Thank you so much. I just finished a T Shirt quilt out of my granddaughters soccer jerseys for her high school graduation, I hope she will love and enjoy it.

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    1. Way to go Sharon! You are the tie queen:). I bet the chair set covers were especially beautiful. And for sure it is time for a Tie Quilt! This method is really easy and quite impressive. I hope you will give it a try. If you do, please send me a note and a picture or two. I would love to see it. ❤️❤️


  5. How long did it take you. I ‘ve been collecting toes from all around the world as well as from friends and thrift shops. I still doing it as I can visualize it but doing it is another. You have inspired me to get busy

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  6. Hi Brenda! I’m so glad I found your quilt on pinterest. I love it. I have a question for you: Have you any idea how many ties you used to make this stunning quilt? I’m asking, because I have quite a pile of old ties from my late brother and I have promised my niece to turn them into a quilt. I want to be sure that I’ve got enough so that I’m not standing there lacking a couple of ties, which even when I’ve sewn them together into blocks will not match the other blocks. I hop you understand, what I’m saying. I’m from Denmark and know some English, but sometimes I can’t quite express what I’m meaning. I hope very much to hear from you.

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    1. Hello Liz! It is so very nice to meet you:)! I had 22 ties. That was enough to make this lap quilt with a bit left over. This quilt is very forgiving. You can make it bigger by adding more blocks or widening the sashing . I think 25-30 ties and a bit smaller sashing would look spectacular as well. Good luck with your quilt! I would love to hear how it goes:) —Tracy❤️❤️


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