Scrap Happy Maple Leaf Rag Quilt

It is the 15th of the month which means it is time to link up with Kate @ Tall Tales from Chiconia on her  Scrap Happy Link up party:).   I really would not get anything done on this quilt if it weren’t for this party.  Thank you again Kate!  She is so nice

This month I sewed a few of my pieced blocks together.  I gathered my strip triangles and my crazy pieced winged triangles and took a deep breath to get started.

I laid the quilt out and started placing the pieces into octagonal shapes.  I started sewing, taking care to leave the final edge of the seams open so I could get the angles to make squares.  Yes, it was and is tricky!

Even with my careful planning, I managed to sew a striped piece to the wrong wing and sewed it all together without noticing.  Ugh!

I had to take out my good friend, Triagan, the seam ripper, and un-sew that whole section.  Oh well,  these things do happen.  Sewing, un-sewing, it’s all part of the process:). 

Here is another pretty octagon that I laid out and then pinned together in hopes of not getting lost this time.

Whew!  It worked better that way:).  I am so excited to see this quilt come together.  It is definitely scrappy happy:)  Look at that uber scrappy star between the octagons–AMAZING !

The pattern can be found in the book Material Obsession 2 by Kathy Doughty.  It definitely isn’t for a beginner quilter, it is tricky to be sure. But I think it is worth the time and effort. I love the kaleidoscopic effect of all of these little scraps:)

I hope your day is SWEET with creative projects!  Thank you for stopping by:) 

Until tomorrow,

 If you have a moment or two, you might want to go check out what the other Scrap Happy participants are sewing together.


Scrap-Happy TWX! 

I am very Scrap happy today in fact, I feel Tealed With a Kiss or TWX!  It”s always fun to link up with Kate and Gun on their monthly Scrap Happy challenge.  This month I am also happy to join Kate  in a service project quilt for ovarian cancer.  I am donating this 12.5″ block in teals and creams with an “x” or a kiss in it.  Cute!!

The block is a Memory Lane block and this is how you can make one yourself:

  • Gather your scraps
  • Cut 4- 3″ medium teal and 4- 3″ cream squares
  • Draw a line diagonally on the back of of the teal squares
  • Sew 1/4″ on either side of the line
  • Cut down the center making two 1/2 square triangles 
  • Trim these to 2.5″.  
  • Cut 4- 4.5″ cream squares
  • Cut 1- 4.5″ dark teal square
  • Cut 8- 2.5″ medium teal squares
  • Cut 8- 2.5″ light teal squares
  • Stitch and flip one medium teal square to the corner of one 4.5″ cream square and the add another stitch and flip square to the next side as shown in the above pictures
  • Sew the 1/2 square triangles to the light teal 2.5″ squares
  • Sew the pairs together making sure the seams “kiss” together as you go.
  • Arrange your small blocks together and sew them block by block, row by row.

Done!  Now you have a beautiful Memory Lane block.  If you put a bunch of them together, you will get a lovely trellis type quilt.Pretty, pretty!  I just love the many variations one block can make in a quilt.  Don’t you?

I hope you have a super SWEET day!


I am  very excited to join Kate @talltalesfromchiconia with her monthly “scrap-happy” challenge.  I have a box of brightly colored scraps that I have been wanting to make into a Maple Leaf rag quilt.  I think that this is going to be my scrap-happy project for the next year or so.  I’m so glad to have a monthly deadline:)

This is a scrap quilt to the max!   I sew these scrappy strips together in strings of six and use a kaleidoscope ruler to cut them into wedges.The filler blocks are sewn crazy block style (anyway at all just adding more scraps at any angle until the piece  is large enough to cut the desired shape) then I cut it into the diamond type shape and sew it  down to a  foundation piece which is also a scrap. 

I promise, I will make a tutorial one of these months with more details on the method.  Until then, I will just post these pretty pictures and try to envision how totally SWEET  this quilt is going to be when it is all finished!

Thank you Kate for the motivation:)