HQAL Slow and Steady Update

It’s a great day here in sunny Arizona! I have been enjoying the sunny warm weather and spending most of my time outside lately. I still find a bit of sewing time in the evenings. I have five of my animal border blocks done.

During these past few weeks, I was able to finish Mr. Bear and Mr. Steer

I don’t know why the animals are taking so much longer than the center blocks…. I think it must be all of the tracing, cutting, glueing, and stitching around the teeny tiny pieces.

There are so many tight inside curves and little eyes and noses.

That’s ok. It just takes me longer. Getting out all of the fabrics and patterns take up my whole counter space. It takes about an hour or so just to cut and place one block!

I always have visions of knocking out a few at one sitting. Nope! I am lucky to get one done per sitting and then I have to load everything up and put it away for next time.

Oh well, eventually they will all be done. I only have five more to cut out and paste down. I can do it!!

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Happy Sewing!