Tunisian Baby Blankets Done!

I have absolutely loved working on these baby boy blankets. They are both so soft and cuddly:). The last time I posted about these, I was finished with the blue and white one and starting on the gray and variegated one. 

I used a 14″ afghan double ended afghan hook with a knit end stopper on one end to keep the stitches from going off of the opposite end.If you are interested in the Tunisian crochet stitch I used, it can be found here.  It is a simple stitch, but is rather slow. One row is over and back on the hook.

It does take a while, but I love the “magic” of the different colors from one side to the other:)  Can you see how one side is the variegated and the other is more gray?

I ad-libbed a fun border on this gray one as well.  It was done in variegated thread. 

Border— Two rows around of a sc with 3 sc in each corner.  One row of 3dc in one stitch, skip 2sc, 3dc around with a 3dc,ch2,3dc in each corner.  And a last row of sc around 3dc in each corner ch sp.

I love how variegated thread creates a pooling of color all on its own.  It’s also “magic”!

I used a Bernat Baby coordinated blue and gray thread for this beautiful blanket.  My daughter in law picked the colors.  She likes gray and is going to be decorating with an elephant theme.  Cute!

Here are a few more fun shots:)

These blankets are a labor of love for my two new grandsons that are due in May and June.  Now I am off to sewing blessing outfits, a few new diapers, and one more crochet white blessing blanket.   

I know what the month of May looks like:)!!! Babies and baby stuff, yea!!:)