Playing Catch-up in the Splendid Sampler QAL

After all of the wedding pandemonium, I finally have had time to quilt again.  Yea!   I am about 4 or 5 blocks behind.   Today I finished two.  This one is called Pieces of Friendship.  It was very quick and easy.

I alway feel so good when I trim the block and it comes to a beautifully straight and perfect 6.5″ square.  I just love to look at it sitting all neat and pretty with the others in the 6.5″ square napkin holder I have had for a long time.  Isn’t it a sweet day when you can find a new purpose for an ordinary object around the house?

All neat and pretty!

The next block I made is called “Lina’s Gift”. This one also was not too tricky. The hardest thing about this block was the half square triangles.

LIna’s Gift

The directions were easy peasey though, and I was able to use my Quilt in a Day square up ruler to make the task even easier:)

You just place the line marked with the size of square you want on the stitched seam and trim up and down with the rotary cutter.   You end up with a beautiful finished square when you are done:)

It has definitely been SWEET joining all the wonderful quilters from around the world as we make this sampler. You can check it here.


A few of The Splendid Sampler blocks 



It’s a Toot Sweets day! –St. Louis Cardinals Style

After the long weekend wedding, I was glad to sit behind my sewing machine again. I had a custom order for this fantastic St. Louis Cardinals diaper.  Baseball season here we come!

I just love sewing these fun cloth diapers.  It feels really good to make something that  looks so dang cute, is great for the environment, AND really works!

I have lots of great styles In my etsy shop


DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

What do you think?  I am gearing up for my son’s Arizona reception tomorrow and thought I would make a pretty, little DIY mason lantern to light the path up to our house.  It was so easy, cost me next to nothing to make and looks fantastic!

mason jar candle

I seem to be the beneficiary of old mason jars because of my love of canning food and decorating projects. Because of this I had plenty of pint size jars hanging around (lol no pun intended!)  I gathered 12 of them together and filled them with sand from the outside sand box.  I dropped some fresh flowers on top and added a flickering battery candle.  I am sure that I could have used a flame candle, but I want to be able to clean the jars and use them again.  I had the candles left over from many church activities and other receptions.  They are cheap and work extremely well for most events.
So.. these little beauties ended up costing me .. $.00.  Yep, thats right, absolutely NOTHING!  I am a firm believer of looking around your house and using what you have.  If I hadn’t of had mason jars, I am sure a nice glass cup would have looked fine.  No glass cup? how about a glass soda bottle?  It doesn’t matter.  Just make do.  Of course, it never hurts to go and buy some jars that can be used for free in future projects.  Here is the “recipe” for these beauties:
Glass Containers
Sand or dirt or small pebbles – bottom filler
Greenery – store bought or from your garden, the neighbors garden, or an almost gone bouquet that your sweetie bought you last week, like mine:)
A real or a battery operated candle
Wire – I used beading wire, but I am sure that greenery wire or your husbands bailing wire would work fine too.  Use what you have
Wire Cutters

    **Fill the bottom of the jar with your sand or filler.  Put the candle and the pretty stuff on top.  It looks so pretty!  Cut a piece of wire to about 18″ and wrap it around the mouth of the jar having one end with only about 3″ and the rest being about 15″.  Twist the 3″ around the longer piece until it is good and secure.  Probably 8 or 9 times.

Now here is the only even somewhat tricky part- Insert the long wire back in the circle part of the wire between the jar and the wire and then slide it around to the opposite side and twist it like the other side to make a handle for hanging.

    Here is a picture of me placing the wire in the circle part of the wire so I can pull it around.  It is really very very easy.FullSizeRender-2
    Now don’t these look fantastic?!  I just love how they look on the shepherds hooks:)  I am so ready for tomorrow night!
Until then, Life is too too SWEET! — Tracy

Their “Naked” Wedding Cake!

This has been a WONDERFUL weekend!   My oldest son married his darling sweetheart, Nicole:).  It took a lot of planning to decorate a wedding so far from our Arizona home, but it was a joy to do.   I had so much fun making their very unique rock climbing themed, “naked” wedding cake. A naked cake is a cake where there is no frosting covering the sides of the cake.  It is very “earthy”.  I made all of the layers in their favorite oatmeal with coconut pecan filling.  (I will devote a post just to that delicious cake and give the recipe as well- it really is the best cake ever!)

Naked Wedding Cake – Climbing to the Top!

Nicole loves the outdoors and trees. She really wanted a natural cake that reflected her natural personality. And since they both enjoy , no are passionate about, rock climbing, it seemed only fitting to make their cake look like a flower covered mountain that they are ascending to the top of:)

Fantastic Rock Climbing Wedding Cake Topper

I found this fantastic rock climbing cake topper on Etsy from Cake Topper Connection.  It was absolutely PERFECT!!  Isn’t it just so cute to see the couple climbing the cake and reaching the top?  I just fell in love:)!

I have been working the past few weeks on the beautiful deep red and cream gum paste roses.  The gum paste started out as a bright, chinese red.  I added coco powder and blue food coloring to get this lovely, earthy, deep red rose.  I placed them in an egg carton under the back seat to transport them all the way to Ogden, UT .  They made it, yea!  Here they are cutting this masterpiece, and of course feeding each other a bite — lol:)

Life is definitely SWEET this week! –Tracy


i am so excited, my son is getting married this weekend!!  I live in Arizona and he is getting married in Ogden, Utah.  So my cute husband and I left today to drive up for the bridal shower and to help decorate. I just love, love, love road trips with him:). I have been working on this “As-We-Go-Stripey” blanket  for quite a while now. There is a great free pattern designed from This long road trip was the perfect time to get it out and work on it again.imageimage

The colors are so bright and bold.  I am using yarn that I had leftover from another project.  This stripey afghan is perfect for those small leftover balls  of yarn that are so beautiful that you just can’t throw them out  in fact, I used the leftover granny squares from the other blanket as well.  I just connected them together and made them into one of the stripeys.  Yea me!  Waste not want not right?image

I absolutely LOVE to crochet in the car:). I can’t think of a more wonderful way to combine three of my favorite passions, being with my wonderful husband, seeing the gorgeous countryside, and creating a beautiful project!

Yes, life is definitely SWEET! –Tracy

Trevor and Haley’s Wedding Cake

So I am done with my son’s friend’s wedding cake.  Yea!   I tried to have it done last night, but frustration set in when the strawberry cream filling came oozing out of the layers. LOL:).  I just deconstructed it, put it in the fridge, and went to bed.  Sometimes a good nights rest is all you need to get out of that frustration path.imageI woke up ready to go again and this time just sliced the strawberries instead of adding them to a cream.  The rest of the cake went along as smooth as silk.   I had made the gum paste roses ahead of time which really helped.   I have a few hours before the wedding so I am going to relax a few moments before I head out.  I know the happy couple is going to love cutting in to this delicious white cake with strawberry filling and buttercream frosting:)image



Life is Sweet! — Tracy


Toot Sweets Diapers

I make and sell diapers.   My daughter wanted to save money and  be earth friendly with her new born, so she asked me to come up with an organic diaper that really works.  I love a challenge, so I came up with these.  They work GREAT!!il_570xN.899566896_g9fz.jpgil_570xN.899328147_t1cr.jpgil_570xN.899566904_l2m1.jpg


Today I had an order for a fantastic Harry Potter Diaper.  So you guessed it, I was sewing diapers today!  All of my licensed fabric diapers are made to order.  I am just the seamstress for the customer.  Every diaper that comes off the machine is my absolute favorite.  I just love sewing something that makes people so happy:)     I am trying to get my web page up and going, but getting the actual sales part up is taking a bit.  In the meantime, you can check out any of my other designs in my Etsy shop

Life is SWEET! — Tracy:)

Village Quilt

Yesterday my happy package from the Fat Quarter Shop came in with an American Jane “Bread ‘n Butter” layer cake and the “Village” pattern by Miss Rosie’s Quilt company.  I just love, love, love the bright happy colors!  Don’t you?  IMG_6346As  I looked at the pattern, I noticed that it called for 8 charm packs or 280 5″ squares.  From one 10″ layer cake you can get 4 -5″ squares.  That would give me only 168 squares.  Soooo…. I was 140 short or so.  With the price of layer cakes at around $40.00, I did not want to order another stack, so I sorted through my stash and picked out some that I think work really well.  (I wish I was one of those famous quilt FullSizeRender-1bloggers who get their fabric for free, but I’m not, so I will definitely use what I have!)

I cut all of my fabric into 5″ squares or “Nickel” cuts and then put them all in a pretty pretty stack.  Aren’t they pretty?  Now I can put this project aside and head in to the kitchen where I will be making a wedding cake for my son’s friend’s wedding.  (Did I mention that I was crazy?!)

Life is Sweet:)–Tracy

Coffee Staining Doilies


Hi!  This is my first post and I am excited to start a catalog of my creations and adventures.  My son is getting married next Saturday and the creativity is going crazy around here in my little Arizona town.  On Monday late afternoon, I received these beautiful paper doilies from in the mail.  I was so excited to get started that about an before I left for our youth group family night, I had to dig through my craft supplies and find the small bottle of coffee that I have had for many years to do fabric staining.  I poured the last few granules, about 1/4cup in a large cake pan and added very very hot water from the tap.  I let it stew for a few minutes as I gathered all of the old newspapers I had to place the doilies on to dry.  They turned out so so pretty!  Here is what I learned:

  1. – Don’t put the doily in and let it “simmer”.  It gets too soft and breaks apart when you try to get it out.
  2.  – Separate the doilies before you get started.  If you don’t the others get soggy and then stick together. — Yep, I know from experience:)
  3.  – Just gently put the doily flat in the water and then gently turn it over to get the other side wet.
  4.  – Quickly place it on several layers of newspaper and let it dry. – Really, just let it dry.  Even with a few wrinkles (which, by the way, adds beautiful texture)
  5.  – You may want to wear gloves because coffee stains your hands as well. (I can just imagine what it would do to my teeth!)
  6.  -Iron the paper doily when it is dry to get it back into tip-top shape.

There you go!  Easy peasy and they look FANTASTIC!!  I did crochet doilies for some dream catchers that I will catalog soon, but these were just too beautiful not to write about.

Life is SWEET!- Tracy