Tyler Brownies 

Ok, get ready to throw out every other brownie recipe you have.  Make room in the trash for all of those cheap, yucky boxes of brownies in your pantry. Here is the golden mother of all brownie recipes.  It is THE ONLY brownie I am willing to indulge calories on!

Many years ago, our good friends and neighbors, the Tylers (thus the name), brought us a plate of these delicious brownies for a party we were having. Oh…my…goodness!!      –They were so good that I got the recipe and have not wasted my time on any other kind since.  I literally take a bite of the others and just throw them away because nothing else compares with these magnificent bites of flaky topped, moist centered, chocolate bits of heaven.

Ok, you get it. They are wonderful:)  Some may say that nuts are optional, but in our family that would be a  crime worth jail time!  Here is the recipe:

Tyler Brownies–

  • 1c butter –not margarine
  • 5 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2c sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 1/2c flour
  • *optional 1c chopped nuts

Combine butter, sugar, cocoa, and eggs.  Mix until smooth. Add flour, vanilla, and nuts.  The batter will be thick and light brown.   Spoon into a greased 8×8 pan . They will be thick. Cook on the middle rack of  a 350* oven for 40-45 min.  Start checking at 35 min.  They are done when a knife comes out clean but just barely clean.  Do not over cook.

There you have it!  The best brownies ever:). I hope you will run into your kitchen and make a batch of these right now. The ingredients are simple and in most everyone’s pantry.  Your family and friends will give you hugs and kisses for such a SWEET and thoughtful treat!



Dear Daughter- Chapter 4

Each chapter of this quilt gets more and more exciting!  Sherrie from rebeccamaedesigns.com has really done a great job with this fun pattern:). I look forward to making each wild and crazy block.  The instructions are so clear and the pictures are inspiring.   There is a new chapter each month, and as you can see, I am behind.  BUT I am catching up and LOVING it!!

There were a few repeated blocks in this chapter along with some new ones.  Here are some pictures of the new ones. I especially love the purple one:)

There were quite a few more elements to this chapter, so it took  a bit longer to complete.  It was so worth it though.

All of these sayings really do describe how I feel about my dear daughter.  I know she is going to go CRAZY for this quilt.  It should be done for Christmas.  I just hope she isn’t reading this blog! –close your eyes, Truly! Lol:)

Have a super SWEET day! –Tracy

all put together so far–looking AWESOME!!

Vintage Sheet Napkins

My daughter’s best friend is getting married soon.  She volunteered to host her bridal shower at our house.   I am always happy to have a party so I was excited to help:)

As we were setting everything up for the brunch, it was obvious that we were going to need napkins.  Since the wedding colors are yellow and blue, we wanted to keep everything bright and happy.   I remembered an old sheet I have with beautiful yellow daisies and roses on it that I have been wanting to do something with for some time now.  This was its day:)

I ripped the sheet into 16″ squares.  From a twin sheet I got 25 napkins with a few extra odd sized pieces for covering platters or whatever.  Yea!  I headed over to my Babylock serger, changed to a yellow 3 thread rolled stitch and finished all 25 in less than an hour!

They look so fresh and vintage happy.  They were absolutely perfect for the party.   They really set the table apart.  I am sure that I will use these napkins again and again.  That SWEET print just makes me smile:)

Thanks for stopping by! -Tracy

Crazy Stars

Happy Memorable Monday!  I really like Mondays.  They are the beginning of a new start.  Everything is possible on Monday.  My diet is attainable, my house is cleanable, and just about everything seems doable.  Yes, I like Mondays:)

For today’s Memorable Monday, I want to share my beautiful Crazy Stars quilt.  I just love this beauty.  It’s funny because when I first started sewing it I thought it was going to be too busy or too loud.   But no way, it is amazingly fun and beautiful.  It is not at all too busy or loud.  I just want to look at it and admire it all of the time.

imageA few years ago, a good friend and I went up to the Buggy Barn quilt show in Reardan, Washington.   It was so much fun!   I just wanted to make everything.  The quilts were hanging on the fences and everything was just so country.  It was an experience I will never forget.  I am so glad we went when we did because the next year they  closed the shop .image
When they announced they were closing, my friend and I decided to each make this Crazy Stars Quilt in honor of our trip and the fun that we had there.

I don’t know how many of you have ever made a Buggy Barn quilt before, but let me tell you, they are different, and wow! are they fun!  I have made several.  The technique is type of stack, cut, rearrange and sew technique.  It is kind of like paper piecing without the paper.  If you ever get the itch to make one, I highly recommend it.  Their books are still available. Yea!:)

My Crazy Stars quilt used this stacked assembly for the “crazy” stars, but the rest of the quilt was made with traditional pieced flying geese, and let me tell you, that was a job!  There were almost a thousand flying geese in this quilt!  I felt like the chains were never going to stop.  But they did and how beautiful those geese turned out:) image

imageI just love all of the diffent shades of barnyard red and creams.  it is a quilt that I love snuggling up with on the porch and enjoying a starry night.  Life is SWEET!

Thanks for stopping by–Tracy:)image




Speed Quilting

There are some quilts that take years and lots of thinking and creative juices to complete.  They are masterpieces.  This quilt is not one of them.  I started this quilt in the morning and was finished before lunch.  SWEET!  It is going to be a gift for yet another niece. (I have a very large extended family). She gets married in August.   I am going on vacation in July so I figured I had better get it done.

This is the “Sunshine Makes Me Happy Quilt” from the book Strip Happy.   It is EASY.   It would be a great project for a new to quilting sewer.  The next person who asks me to help them learn to quilt is going to start with this one for sure:)

It only needs one jelly roll and some accent fabric.  Don’t you just love jelly rolls?  All of that coordinating fabric that I didn’t have to round up just makes me happy:). For this quilt I used ModCentury by Jenn Ski.  It is perfect for a cute, sassy girl and her husband.

I went on a sew-fest and speedily sewed the strips together in sets of three, reserving some out for the border.  I sub cut the strips in rectangle shapes

I added an accent strip to the bottom of each rectangle and then arranged them in opposite directions.  I sewed them all together,added a solid border,  joined the extra strips on the short ends making one long strip that I sewed as the 2nd border, and finally finished with one more border.  DONE!

Gorgeous!  My SWEET niece and soon to be nephew  are going to love it! Here are a few pictures I took of them for their announcements.  Aren’t they just the cutest couple?

Thanks for stopping by–Tracy:)

A Vacation for a Stamp?

We went on a vacation with my parents a few years back and stopped at the Hopewell Indian National Monument in Ohio.  While we were there, I noticed a fun little Passport Book that you can take with you around the country and stamp with the different park’s name and date.

I had no idea how much fun this was going to be.  My dad and I kind of compete to see who can get the most stamps:). For our Fathers Day gift to him, my husband and I took him and my mom on a trip to Flagstaff Arizona so we could get some stamps in our passports.  It was WONDERFUL!

I am so thankful to this little book.  I have lived in Arizona for over 50 years, and my dad has lived here almost 80 and we have never seen or even heard of these fantastic places.  We wanted to hit four parks, but because of time, we could only see three. That’s ok though, we will stop at Montezuma’s Castle another time. I just love road trips and go whenever I can:)

Our first stop was just outside of Cottonwood called Tuzigoot National Monument.  It wasn’t very big, the hike was short and the view was beautiful. image It was over 100* and there was no shade, so we made sure to have our water. The big house was made with rocks and more rocks. There were little rooms with windows and stairs.

It didn’t take long to walk around and explore these ruins.  We stopped at the little mining town of Jerome for a bbq lunch at the English Kitchen.  It was so good!

They made homemade corn bread with prickly pear butter and yummy pulled pork sandwiches and more.  If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it:)

We drove through beautiful Sedona which could have been the destination in itself.  It is so green and beautiful there.  I loved how the weather cooled down as we got higher in elevation.

We were happy that the next two monuments were on the same road just north of Flagstaff.  Yea!  The first was Sunset Crater.  It is the site where a volcano erupted over 900 years ago.


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image It gave me  a  weird feeling to see all of the lava rock and black sand.  I can’t believe that this is just right off of the highway a few miles and I didn’t even know it!   I will be bringing my kids back here to see it for sure

The final stop was further down the road, Wupatki National Monument. image  This Indian ruin was impressive.  There were lots of sand stone rooms and it covered a lot of land.  We just stayed near the first large building.


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We had such a fun day and I got THREE more stamps in my passport! SWEET!!



The Power of an Inch!

It is amazing to me that something this small can be sewn around with teeny tiny  scraps of fabric and even smaller teeny stitches to create such beautiful fabric  flowers!image  This Splendid Sampler block is about English paper piecing.  Jane Davidson designed it and no, she  didn’t start with a one flower block that would have used only seven larger foundation pieces.  She designed a 6.5″ block that had 6 flowers all with 7 hexagons in them!  That is 42 hexagons and they are SMALL!  I just LOVE this sampler!!  It really stretches the edges of  quilting and teaches so many techniques.   It is so much fun!

For this block, I cut my paper hexis and fabric and then spent a few evenings sewing in my new pjs in front of the tv watching Netflix with my hubby.   I really like having hand work to relax with in the evening.

I folded basted and sewed all of my beautiful flowers together and then joined them into a ring of daisies.  Don’t they look amazing?  I especially liked all of the stitching on the back. Look  at all of that work!   All of it made from just one inch after another:)

imageI pressed, starched, and pulled out the paper then spray basted the ring to my background fabric.  It was easy to sew the ring to my fabric.   It turned out so pretty!   imageimageWho knows, maybe I will do a full size hexi quilt someday.  Inch by inch,  just one  little SWEET inch at a time! –Tracy:)


Fried Chicken for Father’s Day

imageMy hubby loves, no really LOVES, fried chicken.  I know that if I  want to make him happy, all I need to do is make his favorite recipe of fried chicken along with an apple pie and I will be rated the #1 wife of all time:)

I found this recipe for double dipped fried chicken in an old cookbook early in our marriage.  I have made it for Father’s Day, birthdays, and large group gatherings for thirty years now.  I am sure it will be a family favorite for at least thirty more.  I thought this would be a good entry for today’s  Memorable Monday post because of the fond memories of my family eating and enjoying this wonderful chicken  together

I know your family will love this recipe too. The chicken is never underdone or burned  because of the method of frying and then baking.   It is a unique way of  frying chicken that makes it a no fail recipe.

Double Dipped Fried Chicken:


  • 8-10 chicken pieces
  • 2 cups flour
  • 4tsp garlic salt
  • 2tsp paprika or Cajun seasoning
  • 1tsp pepper
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 tsp season salt
  • shortening or oil for frying

Pre-heat oven to 325*.  Wash chicken pieces and lay on a paper towel to drain.  In a brown bag or heavy duty plastic bag combine flour, garlic salt, paprika, and pepper.  In a shallow dish combine milk, eggs, and season salt.  Dip chicken pieces in flour mixture, then egg mixture, then again in flour mixture. Coat all chicken pieces. In a skillet or wok or deep frier, heat oil to 375*.  Cook chicken in oil until light, golden brown, about 5-8 min.  Put chicken in a baking pan.  They can overlap if necessary.  Bake uncovered for 1 hr or until thickest pieces are done.  Makes 4-6 servings


Here is a recipe card that I made several years ago.   I have changed it just a bit, but it still works great:)image

Baby Shower Gift Set

imageMy niece-in-law is expecting her first baby in a few weeks.  Her baby shower is coming up soon so I thought I would use the occasion to make a few more pj items for my Summer Sew Along projects.  I need, I mean get to make six sleep wear items before August:)  I am going to be gone for a week in July so I am trying to get things made early.

I have an etsy shop called Toot Sweets Diapers where I sell organic All in Two sized cloth diapers.  I knew that for one of my sleep wear projects I wanted to make a diaper set for a baby.  I bought this fantastically cute pattern online from Peek a Boo Pattern Shop. I picked out some SWEET fabric that I had in my stash and started sewing.

The pattern was very very easy to follow and understand. I haven’t sewn clothing for babies in a long time and was amazed at how little of fabric it needed to make a sleeve! The finished project is ADORABLE!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

BUT the pattern was a bit misleading and made me a little angry because that darling hat is not included in the pattern!  I had to go back online and buy another seperate pattern for the hat. UGH!   It is a darling hat, but hey, if it is shown on the pattern, it should be included unless plainly marked.image

Oh well, I am glad I have the patterns.  This will be my baby shower gift for all new babies in the future:)

I made up a plain black small/medium diaper to match this funky set.   It will fit my little nephew until he is around 17lbs or so.  I included an extra doubler for heavy wetting.

I am excited to give this gift at the shower.   I know my niece is going to think it is SWEET!


Dear Daughter -Chapter 3


This quilt is coming along nicely.   I am having so much fun playing with colors and fabrics while learning a new technique or two.   It never ceases to amaze me how there is always something new to learn and try:)

In this chapter, I used three different appliqué techniques.  The top pink petals were done with the interfacing method I blogged about in chapter 1.  Here are a few pictures to remind you

I sewed around the petals in matching pink thread.   I stitched as close to the edge as I could with a straight stitch,

For the yellow wording I traced the mirrored words onto fusible web and ironed it to the back of my fabric, cut it out, peeled and ironed, and cut the shapes.  I pressed the words to the fabric and zigzagged around the whole thing.

Lastly, I set my Pfaff machine to a #3 zig zag stitch with the smallest width .5image

I used clear monofilament thread and started sewing around the petals having the inside part of my foot line up along the edge and BARELY grab a thread or two as it went around.image

All stitched down with hardly a stitch in sight

This method is AMAZING!  I can hardly even see any stitching at all!!  IT is so easy that  feels a little like cheating, but hey, I don’t think I have any quilt police coming over anytime soon. I do wish I was a needle turn appliqué proficient, but until then I will use my machine and smile:)

SWEET!! –Tracy:)