Long Time Gone QAL – Flying Geese

Oh what fun it is to sew on my quilt, oh yes it is, yea!   A little Christmas in June never hurts, right?  I hum and sing a lot while I sew. Do you?  I don’t think my blocks could possibly turn out this cute with out a happy song or two:)

This week’s section on the the Long Time Gone QAL sponsored by Gnome Angel is all about flying geese.  I don’t mind sewing geese at all.  

First I cut the main color in the specified rectangle size.  Next I cut the squares in their designated size.  Easy easy!  

I took them all to my machine and stitch and flipped the squares down. First one square and then the other.  Marking my machine sure made it easy to keep the sewing line straight:)

Sewing the larger blocks was just a matter of sewing them all together without any real need of color matching.  That can not be said for the long skinny rows

This set makes kind of a chevron effect.  I had to line my geese out and place the appropriate colored squares right on top of the main color so that I would not get lost

They took a little longer, but patience always pays off when quilting:)!

This quilt along is rapidly coming to an end. After these cute flying geese blocks, there are only two more sections.  Yea!!

Here are couple of eye candy pictures with all of my blocks stacked together. 

I just love them!!!   They are so scrappy colorful:)

I hope you all have a nice Sunday tomorrow.  I will be back on Monday with part 2 of the Pins and Stripes Quilting Lessons. 

Until then, have a super SWEET weekend!

10 thoughts on “Long Time Gone QAL – Flying Geese

  1. Scrappy quilts just sing out “happy”!! Your ‘geese’ really are uber ‘sweet’! I think today will be spent with my fave NASCAR on TV and save the stitching for tomorrow……….hugs………

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