My Halloween Pixie Dust!

Happy Halloween!   I always enjoy seeing the smiles and fun costumes on cute children at Halloween. 
My beautiful daughter took these pictures of my grandsons, otherwise known as Peter Pan and the Lost Boy.

Our little Peter Pan told his grandpa, “If only I had some pixie dust!”  How SWEET is that?!  Well, he may not have any dust, but these boys certainly are my pixie dust❤️❤️

I hope you have a nice holiday filled with  your own pixie dust and lots of little trick or treaters at your door this evening.:)

13 thoughts on “My Halloween Pixie Dust!

  1. Awe, so cute! I used to love seeing the kids in costume when they came to the house. Now I live in an apartment building and I don’t get trick or treaters, and I kind of miss them.

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  2. Adorable 💕 That’s one happy baby! 😍
    We’re always in position in the driveway waiting for the kids – can’t have them ring the doorbell…the dogs go bonkers and try to sneak out as soon as the door opens 😐
    Since it was 30 degrees yesterday, and breezy, hubby was on his own out there 😉
    But I hear there were a lot of kids and cute costumes 😁

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