Persian Tiles

I am happy, happy, happy to say that I have made some substantial progress on my Persian Tile Afghan. SWEET!! Just look at these beauties:)

The last time I posted about these I had finished the petals and was on to the laborious job of weaving in the tails.

Now when I say laborious, I really do mean that this was a JOB! There were hundreds and hundreds of those pesky pieces of yarn to weave in one at a time!

Ugh! Each block looked like this! Oh well, they are done now and I can happily say that the train is moving again:)

The next round was this earthy brown that looked like it could stop right there. But of course it didn’t.

I had another round of burnt orange to add. I think they look so nice.

And any of you who have followed me for a while know that I absolutely LOVE a neat stack of blocks. They just make me feel like I have accomplished something wonderful .

And believe me, with this one I have! Now, are any of you like me and jump ahead with one or two blocks just to see what it is going to look like?

I started with my next round with red.

But I just couldn’t help myself and then added the white to one of my blocks as well just for fun:)😊

I’m definitely on my way, but I don’t think there is any way in the world I am going to be able to make this into a bed spread. It would look so pretty though…..oh we’ll see!

If any of you are interested in crocheting your own blanket It is called Persian Tiles by Jane Crowfoot.

Until next time,

48 thoughts on “Persian Tiles

  1. You have such gorgeous colours to work with! If it was me, I wouldn’t have been able to resist changing some of them, and then maybe it wouldn’t have looked so good. It’s going to be pretty, pretty, pretty.

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  2. Is there some sort of “Crochet Goddess” award? Those are unbelievably lovely – the design and the color. I have crochet ability envy (I can make a single or double crochet afghan that’s my limit). Okay so I am going to put these on my crafting bucket list 🙂

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  3. Congrats on getting toes end woven in. That in itself deserved a happy dance! It would be a gorgeous bedspread but I shudder to think how many it would take!😳 They ARE beautiful, and so you!


  4. Looking absolutely great Tracy & know exactly what you mean with all those threads to sew in. I’m actually doing Jane Crow’s Sunshine & Showers rug & posted a photo of the flowery edge with all it’s tails. If you can’t manage a bedspread, it could be a bed runner or knee rug. Thanks for the update & take care

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    1. Hello Rebecca! I’m so glad you like the colors. I do too:). This is a Scheepjes Whirl Cake. The brand has many color variations. This is a blue one that aim sure you will be able to find. I can’t remember the exact name. I bought mine here in the states on Etsy. I’m excited for you to make one:)❤️❤️


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