Crocheted Persian Tiles

I have been working on a beautiful crocheted blanket for quite a while now. It is called Persian Tiles by Jane Crowfoot. I don’t know why I haven’t blogged about it until now. Maybe I am a bit embarrassed by my need to have so many projects going at the same time. Yes, that’s definitely it!

Oh well, here we go on the magic carpet ride:)

I have a vision of crocheting over 100 of these blocks to make a spread for my bed, but with how slow they are going, I doubt if that goal is going to be reached. I started with the initial 16 that the pattern called for.

The little center circles are so cute and went together so quickly. But hey, they are only about 2″ wide. They better have gone quick!

Next, I added the pineapple base to the circles.

I felt the wheels turning and was sure that this blanket would be done by Christmas.

I am sure you can see where this is going. The next few rounds were getting a bit larger so it took a bit more time, but really no problems.

Aren’t they looking pretty? Yep, back in July I was sure this blanket would be done by Christmas. Then came the petals. Those darn petals!

Here is a picture I took back in July or August.

And here I am FINALLY finishing my 16th block of petals in January!!

I know that I have definitely not only worked on this blanket. In fact, it has sat by my bed patiently waiting as I have appliquéd, embroidered, and crocheted other projects that either needed to get done or just sparked my need for change a bit more than the repetition of this petal stitch.

But the petal stitches are done and I have spent two evenings weaving so many threads that I can’t count them. I am ready for the next few rounds to finish the block. At least they won’t be the start and stop, clip and restart of these dreaded petals!

I don’t know, 100 of these? It might be a 10 year project! Lol:)

Focus Tracy! Focus!

P. S. – Here is a picture of what Janie’s original looks like. Of course I did not take this picture:). Can you see why I just HAD to make one of my own?

36 thoughts on “Crocheted Persian Tiles

  1. That looks like a lot of good hard work–good luck with it. It amazes me that you and others do these very demanding projects and seem to expect them to be done ASAP. I have work from 1980 that I haven’t finished!

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  2. While it looks oh so pretty I can definitely see why it’s taking so long. I think this will be a project that evolves over the years. I give you tons of credit for sticking with it. Way to slow of a process for me though. Keep going. 🙂

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  3. It is going to be gorgeous! I love your color choices. I have only made a few granny square baby blankets and never ventured further because I have a mental block on reading crochet patterns, so I am so impressed with your work Tracy. 😍


  4. It’s going to be gorgeous! I fell for a book on tile blankets by Amanda Perkins having seen her work at a show. Lots of little squares looks more doable to me but I really must finish the ripple blanket I started about two years ago first!

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  5. The finished piece is just breathtaking Tracy! I can’t wait to see yours with the colors you’re using. I don’t care if I have to wait ten years to see it – it will be worth it!!! I’m the same as you – especially with grannys – I think oh it won’t take but a minute to do a square so I’ll have this whole thing done in no time! LOL then the reality hits me!! This project will definitely be worth all the work and time!! 😀


  6. This is so pretty, but I feel for you on the number of motifs. I started a peppermint throw this past year, hoping to finish it by Christmas. I have 15 of 60 pieces done….my new goal is next Christmas. 😁 and mine only has 2 colours in each motif. I don’t envy you, but it will be gorgeous once you get it finished!

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  7. EEK! 100 seems like a lot, but you are the person that cam get it done! Those petals would have been the death of me!😆 As you work on the first 16, maybe you will see a way to do something different with the connectors that will make enable you to make more like 65 of those tiles. They are beautiful, I like yours better than your inspiration!

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  8. Oh my…this is gorgeous, Tracy 😍 I’m looking forward to the progress reports 😊 100 Squares? 😳 You’re a more patient creator of things than I am. 😁
    And the ends…ugh 😫 The ones on my Puzzle Poncho were a little nightmarish 😏 But – it needs to be done (even though they were on the inside of the Poncho 😜) so I’ll stop complaining 🙂


  9. This is going to be absolutely amazing! Kudos for documenting your progress. I think it helps all of us to know we aren’t alone in letting projects that we were so eager to start sit around and collect a little dust from time to time. Taking a break from a large project to finish a small one helps to keep the crojo flowing!

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  10. I started this project, and making one every two days. Not bad at all. I also want to make about 100 or more. I’m enjoying doing that and I think it will be done insha Allah.


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