Red and Butter Quilt

I am so happy to finally put a check mark next to this Red and Butter Quilt. My friend started this quilt probably 8-10 years ago and couldn’t finish it. She gave it to me and it has been sitting in a box in my sewing room ever since!

But the day finally comes when enough is enough! Get some of these projects done already!!

I really thought this quilt was going to be outdated and that I wouldn’t like it. Well, I was wrong. I really do like it! In fact, I immediately hung it out in my front porch to greet everyone with a happy smile as they pass by:)❤️


I quilted the borders with a large feather stitch. Isn’t it so pretty?❤️

I love the little floral print on the back and the striped binding.

All in all this quilt is a success. It measures 67″x 69″

After I am finished with a long time UFO, I always wonder why I waited so long. This one is a definite wonder.

If you would like to make a Red and Butter Quilt yourself, the pattern is by Cabbage Rose Quilts. Mine came from an old book, but the pattern is sold individually now. There were a few mistakes in the pattern that I had to fix, but I bet the new patterns are all updated and perfect:)

This also marks my final finish for the Q4 FAL. I am so happy to have finished four of my five FAL hopefuls:). I am hoping that 2018 will empty out even more boxes in my sewing room!

I look forward to the finished projects, but I know myself too well. As soon as one project empties out of a box, another will move right in:)!

It’s just the way it goes in my work room. I bet it is the same in your work space as well.

Thank you so much for dropping by and reading about my sewing adventures. I hope the rest of your day is a SWEET one!

34 thoughts on “Red and Butter Quilt

  1. Hi Tracy,
    Perfect name for this quilt. As soon as I read the name, I immediately knew what colors were going to be highlighted. Delightful! Does this quilt go back to your friend now? I’ll bet she is so happy to see it finished. ~smile~ Roseanne

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      1. It was 100°F here yesterday lunchtime, and not far off that again today. Definitely not a good time to be hand-quilting anything, but a bit of EPP hand stitching means I don’t have to turn on the sewing room aircon, or stand at the steamy ironing board 🙂


  2. My work space isn’t nearly that organized, especially lately when things are in turmoil! I do like this quilt quite a lot. I don’t think anything made with red ever goes out of style, and yellow? Just perfect in this combination. Lovely feathers!

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  3. I have a bag my dear friend made me quite a few years ago that is red and yellow, think the yellow may be this very one… I love red and yellow together; it never gets old IMHO. I like how you quilted this one too, and hats off for finishing someone ELSE’s UFO!!

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