Q4 FAL Hopefuls

Good Monday to you!   The year is coming to a close more quickly than I like.  I really wish it could stay September and October all year long.  Don’t you?  The weather is a bit cooler and life is back in a routine with school.  I just love it:).

I had hoped to have more projects done than I currently can put a check mark by.  So, with hopes of clearing out some space in my work room, I am going to be joining along in the Q4 Finish Along.

I think I can realistically finish the following projects:

  1. Village Quilt- The last time I worked on this quilt I ran into some issues that caused me to just put it in the box for another day.  Well, the day is going to be within this next quarter:). I WILL finish this quilt!I Wish You A Merry QAL–  this fun QAL is still in progress but should be done by Christmas.  I would like to have a festive quilt for Christmas;)Stardust Melodies Afghan–  I should already be done wth this blanket, but I added a few more blocks and then I changed a few more and so… still not done   But it isn’t too far.  I can get it done! Down the Rabbit Hole–   I am probably wishful thinking on this one, but hey, a girl can dream right?Red n Butter – This Quilt has literally been sitting in a box for years. I think it is a case of out of sight-out of mind.  Maybe it is just plainer than I like now.   For whatever reason it isn’t done, but will be soon!:)There you have it.  My Quarter 4 Finish goals.   I really think these are all do able except for the Rabbit Hole.

Thank you for dropping by today.  I hope you had a SWEET weekend:). I will leave you with a picture of my morning walk in the cotton fields near my home.

Until tomorrow!

24 thoughts on “Q4 FAL Hopefuls

  1. I think if you take the Rabbit Hole quilt off the table, at the speed you work you should definitely be able to finish the others. And you just know you’ll want to concentrate on the Rabbit Hole quilt if it’s on the list because you’re totally in love with the fabrics and colours, aren’t you? 🙂 I like the red and cream quilt, but it is a lot plainer than your current taste. Maybe you should just finish it, give it away and move on to something that’s more your thing, with a sense of achievement because you did get it done in the end?

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  2. That is a lot of finishes, but I bet you can do them. I would keep up with the Christmas QAL, while you finish the red quilt and the afghan, with some time on Down the Rabbit Hole as a reward. Then you can add the 5th one in, and be rotating between the last three so you don’t get bored!

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  3. Hi Tracy, I am excited to see your finishes. Your projects are so varied and beautiful. It’s nice to go to a totally different style of project when you take a break from one you are working on. I just love the colors in Down the Rabbit Hole and your QAL quilt is looking fun and festive!

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  4. I will always remember my daughter talking about a quilt that challenged her patience. She at one point threw up her hands in frustration and placed it in the naughty chair. Eventually the two were able to make peace with each other. Your story behind the Village Quilt reminds me of my daughter’s quilt. I absolutely love how your Village Quilt looks! It totally would be something I would like to make. Your Christmas quilt is coming along really nicely. Can’t wait to see it finished. The afghan has teased my curiosity. I hope you do finish it so that I can see the rest. Red and butter would not be one of my favorites either but I totally understand the desire to bring it to completion. I’ve been working to finish 5 Quilts that my mom passed on to me. All 5 are now waiting to be quilted. They will be finished before the year is over. Down the Rabbit Hole looks fun and inviting. I hope you meet each and every goal. I’ll be cheering you on along the way. Thanks for sharing the photo from your walk.

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