The Magic of Quilting

I have another niece getting married.   Her shower is this weekend.   I had planned on giving her a store bought gift and told my husband about it on Monday.   In a very soft tone he said, “She will be the only niece you haven’t made a quilt for…”.  GUILTY!

He was right.  I can make a quilt in little to no time if I put my mind to it.   So…. I looked through a McCall’s Quick Quilts magazine and found a Graphic Garden pattern in the June/July issue of 2015.   Perfect!!

I rummaged through my stash and pulled out these pretty florals with an earthy feel to them. My niece is marrying a cowboy.  I thought they matched their personalities.

I started cutting and sewing on Wednesday morning and was finished by Wednesday afternoon.  The pattern was very easy with big pieces and just a few colors.  

I made it even easier by only using cream instead of the two more  contrasting colors the pattern called for.  I thought it might make a star motif that way.  Good idea right?

Wrong.  The star ended up looking like a lattice and the cream was kind of flat.  I didn’t hate it, but I really didn’t love it.  Bummer!  

My friend came over and kind of gave me a few encouraging words and suggested a more intricate Quilt design instead of the boring meander stitch I was going to use

I’m so glad she came by!  That stitch made all of the difference:). It was MAGIC!   It took a bit longer to Quilt, but it was so worth it:)!

Even though the stars are definitely lattice, the quilting has softened the cream space and added a dimension that was missing before.

I love the look of the flowers on the back.  They mirror the pretty little dogwoods in the red and green prints on the front.  

I always enjoy binding. My tutorial on my favorite binding technique can be found here.  With just a little bit of patience and technique, those corners come to a crisp point.

It really did turn out pretty.  I’m glad my honey encouraged me to make it:)

I know my SWEET niece is just going to LOVE this quilt.  It will be a snuggle up, travel and take along throw.   I found myself wanting to sit on the porch and relax under it as well:)

Thank you for dropping by:). I hope you enjoy your weekend.   I will be listening to my church’s General Conference   I am excited.  I love Conference weekend!  

Until next time!

25 thoughts on “The Magic of Quilting

  1. Love the colours! You know, from a distance, and without the whole quilt laid out flat like that, you do see stars. Just screw up your eyes a little, and the hidden stars come out. And your friend is right, that extra effort with the quilting made all the difference. I had to laugh at your husband guilting you into making a quilt, though. Mine goes the other way: “Are you sure you want to go to all that trouble?” Darling, it’s not trouble, it’s fun, creativity, satisfaction and joy!

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  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if your nieces planned a wedding just to get a quilt from you! I’m impressed that you had the top finished in just a day. Your friend could be a professional consultant on what to do to give that extra “pizzazz” to a quilt because the floral design is just perfect! Good job, Auntie!

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  3. That was a quick win, my dear! The quilting motif is so perfect with the fabric, and you are so right, it absolutely makes the quilt! Your niece will be a happy girl, and the run goes on….how many more neices are there? You might as well start now, there’s no turning back!

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      1. Exactly! I have two more besties that will require quilts, and I am tempted to make one of the tops now so I don’t get caught, except that the top I know will be perfect for the one, is not likely to be the next one to marry. And then there are my two to do…..It’s all Good!

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  4. I’m glad you made it, too. There’s nothing like a quilt to say “I love you” and “I’m happy for you”. Your friend was inspired, because that is a beautiful quilting pattern and the purple thread was the perfect thing to use.

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