Playing with Color

I have been working on my Delilah Four Patch Star by Jen Kingwell.   The fabrics I received in the mail were bold and beautiful:)


I decided to experiment with color this month.  All of my instincts wanted me to stick with a normal Jen Kingwell pallet.  

Isn’t it pretty?  But for some reason I decided to play with color, and see what happens. It is really amazing to me how color placement can alter the look of a block.   

Look at these four blocks. 

Can you believe they are the all the same pattern?  The striped fabric in the star made it disappear.  Lesson learned—don’t use striped or large prints  for small stars. 

Here are four more stars in softer tones

The contrast of the dark star compared to the lighter backing really makes the star pop.  While the pink star on the bottom right is totally lost.  It looks like an x.  

Crazy right?  I really like all of my four Patch stars,  but my original is my favorite followed by this pretty orange and blue one 

I am having sew much fun making these template blocks that look like paper piecing.  But I must admit that I am getting tired of  Y seams.  I look forward to next month because it looks like only straight joins are in the forecast.  Yea!!

The quilt party for Delilah is closed for this year, but there will be a pattern coming out next year if you want to make your own.  

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. You make my day SWEET!

19 thoughts on “Playing with Color

  1. I have to say, I *really* like the brights on a dark background, but I do see they’re not in the usual palette. I’ve always loved black in quilts, and I like how powerful it makes different elements in those blocks. Lovely!

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  2. I think it looks like you are having fun and that’s what counts. The first one is my absolute favorite! Just love the colors and the way it all fits harmoniously. When you did the other blocks did you take a photo and then look at the photo thru a mono lens? It helps to see if the tones are similar or contrasting.

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  3. That pink checked disappearing act was the most dramatic loss! Underlines the importance of attending to value as well as color. Stripes (and other prints) give me grief when trying to figure out value. An interesting block to play with color on.


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