Delilah is Done!!

I really can’t believe this quilt has taken me so long to finish. It just kept coming to the finish line and then would shoot back to the sewing mat. Whether it was a more timely project or a need for more blocks, something always came up.

But drum roll please…… Delilah is DONE!!

I am so pleased with it:). Each block was pieced using templates to cut small pieces and then sew them back together into a block that rivals paper piecing.

The pattern is by Jen Kingwell and is designed to be a large lap sized quilt. But I, being the crazy quilter that I am, decided to make two twin sized quilts which finally ended up being one large king sized quilt. Oh my!!

I had to add extra blocks to achieve a bed sized quilt. Those extra blocks are the reason for the long delay. I had to design a very scrappy row with the right amount of squares of different sizes. Hats off to Jen for designing the whole thing!

Let me tell ya, it’s not easy trying to take a picture of an extra large quilt! I’m seriously going to have to put my mind into designing a quilt stand for photos. Lol;)

But I like a scrunched up picture of a quilt with the folds and shadows giving light and texture as well.

I used a pretty blue floral for the background and a scrappy red binding.

Ahh! Here we are all nicely folded, and ready to go upstairs.

It has been quite a journey. I always find the finish to a long time quilt to be bitter sweet. My sewing room is grateful for the space, but somehow that emptiness feels like a friend is missing… well, in my sewing room, spaces get filled very quickly.

Good bye Delilah! You are leaving the sewing room to go out on your own. Don’t worry though, you will be very near by where we can still see each other every day❤️❤️

And to you, my readers, thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you have a wonderfully SWEET day!!