A Scarf with a Twist

I don’t know what it is about Christmas time. But it always seems that I want to get out the yarn and a crochet hook and crochet a scarf or a shawl. It’s so nice to just relax with my crochet hook and stitch away.

This year I made a really cute little scarf that stitched up in no time at all. It is from a free pattern by The Crochet Crowd called Scarf 2 Ways. But I think I will call mine “A Scarf With a Twist” because at the end it kind of curls and twists around itself.

I had some Willow Wool Saffron yarn that I bought when it was on sale a while back. I think it looks just perfect with it.

This little scarf stitches up in no time. It looks a little awkward just lying out flat because of the curved ends. But those curves are what give the beautiful twist .

I had to adjust the pattern just a bit because my yarn was a lighter weight and my needle was smaller. I chained until the chain went almost around my neck but not quite. Then I followed the pattern as it was written.

I did change the edging as well. I like a little bit of a lace edge on my scarves

I finished this one in an evening. So… Of course I want to make several more with these colors.

I’m excited to wind my cakes of yarn and start stitching again! I will show them all together when I get done. Maybe before Christmas?….

I’m so glad you stopped by today. I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and finding a bit of SWEET creative time as well!

Until next time–

15 thoughts on “A Scarf with a Twist

  1. What lovely colours you’ve chosen! Down Under Christmas is definitely not a good time for cosy scarves, but I can well believe that a northern hemisphere winter would make a good selection very welcome.

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  2. The edging on this is perfect! I love the color choice for this and the additional as well. I think the variegated is the right choice. Great scarf and perfect for gift giving too ❤

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