Chocolate Chip Cookie Qwest

We have two new neighbors on our street. I always like to give a little something to welcome people into the area. I also have been wanting to find that PERFECT chocolate chip cookie recipe. You know, the kind that has a little bit of crisp and a little bit of chew with just the right amount of chocolate chips. Not too big, but not too small…..

So I thought that now was a great time to try out a recipe or two and share my results with the neighbors. SWEET!

Have you ever been on Pinterest and found that every picture looks like the most delicious treat and the bakers all claim that this is the ultimate recipe so don’t even waste your time on the others? That is what I was up against. Picture after picture of delicious cookies.

I finally decided on two recipes. The first was a traditional type cookie from The Polka Dot Chair and the other was from Layers of Happiness and was an ultra flat and wrinkly cookie.

I fired up the oven and started mixing and baking. Ahhh!!! Don’t they look delicious!?

It’s funny how family and friends can smell when cookies go in the oven because, I had plenty of taste testers to help me with this experiment! Here are the results—-

For the Polka Dot Chair recipe, I rolled the dough balls in sugar before baking and added nuts. My family won’t eat a cookie without nuts. I also had to squash them with a cup right after baking to get that nice flat crackled top.

While we all agreed the cookies looked more appetizing, we didn’t like them as well as the others. They were a nice size and the texture was fine, but we found them a bit heavy and they didn’t have a lot of that brown sugar, vanilla flavor.

The next cookie was the Bakery Style Chocolate Chip cookie or the extra flat, wrinkly cookie.

It was fun to watch this one cook up. I hit the pan on the rack a few times during the bake to get those beautiful wrinkles in the edge.

At first, my family said these cookies looked odd and were decidedly against them. They tried them while they were still cooling and gave them a thumbs down. But after I told them to let them cool and crisp up a bit, they ended up liking them more than the others.

There was a nutty, browned butter flavor to them which is not a surprise at all. With as much butter as is in these cookies, I’m surprised they didn’t just melt away!

I liked these cookies a lot. I liked the crisp yet delicate texture. I liked the crisp edges and the chewy center. Is this my new favorite, gotta have it , don’t waste your time on any other recipe chocolate chip cookie?

Well, no. I’m still on the hunt! These were both good, but each had something I didn’t like. The traditional cookie was a bit flavorless and the flat cookie had a bit of a baking soda after taste and it felt too fragile and should I say, girly?

Darn!! I will just have to make a few more batches of cookies! Maybe some more neighbors will move in. Lol!

I’m so glad you stopped by today! Do you have the perfect chocolate chip recipe? I’m anxious to try it!

I welcome your comments and as always, please click to follow along. Who knows, maybe we can find that perfect recipe together!!

10 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookie Qwest

  1. Hi Tracy! I follow Sally at Sally’s Baking Addiction and even took a class with her about making pie crust. She goes into the science of baking, which I find fabulously interesting. Anyway, you might give one of her recipes a try. She has oodles of good ones . . . I bet you’ll find one you like. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. I want to be your neighbor too 🙂 Learned a few tricks from your post, squashing cookie with a glass and shaking them for the edging. I don’t have a good choc chip recipe. I do have a great peanut butter cookie recipe – Betty Crocker mix 🙂 fancy them up with a choc kiss in the middle. Your gift wrapping of the cookies was so lovely. Ill be checking out Sally’s Baking Addiction too!

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  3. There are dozens of good recipes, but finding just the one you like is a journey. I can’t bring myself to make just plain chocolate chip – sugar and butter and nothing truly healthy. So I use the Quaker’s oatmeal recipe for oatmeal raisin and throw in chocolate chips, bits of chopped dates, white raisins and cranberries. I feel very healthy when I eat THAT sugar and butter. LOL My grandmother always made cookies with Crisco, and they were so yummy, but I can’t make myself do that, either. LOL Yes, check out Sally’s. My friend, Candi, uses her recipes all the time and swears by them.


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