“Grandma, Will You Make Me a….”

Oh, those beautiful words spoken by a little four year old boy. –“Grandma, will you make me a…”. How can any loving grandma refuse?!

This past Thanksgiving my grandson was sitting with me on the couch telling me about all of his dreams and adventures. He talked of Captain Hook and all of the mean pirates along with a few nice pirates as well. Then the conversation changed to how his mother was crocheting him a dog and how he wants lots of crocheted dogs. “Grandma, will you make me a crocheted dog?” –“Of course, I will crochet you a dog!”

Challenge accepted! I scoured the internet for a pirate dog pattern and believe it or not, I found one! I bought The Pirate Dog pattern from Little Bamboo Patterns on Etsy And started crocheting right away. I had this little guy stitched up in about a week.

Isn’t he the cutest thing?!

Crocheting animals is different from crocheting a shawl or a blanket. It is like making a lot of little pieces that really don’t make much sense. They are awkward and kind of silly looking on their own.

But don’t worry, after the stuffing and sewing them together, a SWEET little animal emerges and makes you smile:)

In review of this pattern, I would say that it was easy to make and the finished dog is adorable, but why, oh why does it call for a felt skull and cross bones and felt foot pads?!

Picture from Etsy

I designed my own skull and footpads that I like much better. I think they match better and will last longer.

I loved the little sword, the hat and the eye patch though. I sewed them all down and gave the sword a chained tether so my grandson can pull it out and play with it, but not lose it.

Argggh! I am so excited for Christmas, me Matey:)!

I hope you are having fun finishing your Christmas treasures as well. It’s almost here. It’s time to start baking for neighbors and friends. I see Pumpkin Bread in my future!

Until next time:)