Desert Hiking, Family, and…Still Quilting

Happy 2017!  I hope all of your celebrations were happy and joyful.  Mine was a crazy house of Christmas and New Year fun:). I have had family staying at my house for the past two weeks. It has been a house filled with love and joyful laughter to be sure!We have had game nights, movie nights, and hiking trips in the Tucson desert.  Oh, how I love the beauty of the sun in the desert in December!  My daughter in law is not sure how she feels about this whole cactus thing…But really, look at it, the whole desert is so lush and beautiful.  Even this prickly cholla is a wondrous work of nature:)

They have all left now and the house seems empty and quiet.   I don’t know what I am going to do when my dear youngest daughter leaves for school this month.  I will miss seeing her happy, pretty smile every day.

Oh well,  it’s all part of a mother’s life.  So enough of the mushy, gushy stuff! — Believe it or not, I have found brief little pockets of time to fit in some sewing during this Palooza of a December.  I didn’t finish my Dear Daughter Quilt, but it is ALMOST there.  I only need to add the borders.  I am hoping to have it done by Friday and then quilt it next week. Yea!I thought this “Believe”chapter was perfect to work on in the month of December.  It turned out so pretty!  I am glad that I appliquéd the purple lettering in green.  I think it brings out the lower green star.Here is the pretty little green star– 

If any of you are interested in making your own Dear Daughter Quilt, you can get the pattern at rebeccamaedesigns.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I hope you have a healthy, prosperous, and totally SWEET 2017!