So Much to Be Grateful For

I have been abundantly blessed over these past few months. Two baby boys have joined our family!  The boys and their mothers are all healthy and happy:)

These are the boys that I made these blankets for this spring. 

While I don’t want to focus on items of a personal nature on this blog, my days couldn’t be any SWEETER than snuggling with these adorable new babies:)

Here is my beautiful May baby.

And here is my one week old June baby:)

I am trying to drink in every moment because babies, and children grow so fast.  Before you know it they are graduating from high school and leaving the nest.  Believe me, I am living it and know.

I hope we all take time to focus on those precious relationships that are so fleeting.  It’s all about family and our dear loved ones.  Let’s  enjoy every day as gift from up above:)

My heart is full.   Life is so so SWEET.