Grinda Shawl Parts 2 and 3

I have really been enjoying crocheting this delicate shawl. It is filled with advanced beginner stitches that stitch up in no time.

I like the contrast of the front loop raised stitch and the lacey stitch of the body. It separates each section and adds a bit of interest to the eye and touch.

I am using a Scheepjes Whirl Cake that I bought on Etsy. The color is in these lovely plum tones called “Tasty Nom Nom #789”. I like how gradually the color changes into a delicate ombré effect.

The pattern for this shawl is called the Grinda shawl designed by Tatsiana @Lila Bjorn Crochet, and it is free! Yea! I always love that word, don’t you?:). Tatsiana is so talented. I love all of her designs❤️

It is quite easy to follow the pattern. It has written instructions and a stitch map for each section. I use the stitch map. I find it easier to just look and stitch instead of read and stitch.

I’m excited to start part 4 of my Grinda Shawl. It is the final section before the lace edging. It’s almost done…well, these next few rows are longer and take quite a few more stitches to finish. It may still take a while:)

Oh well, I enjoy the therapy of stitching in the evenings while watching a show with my cute husband. By the way, we are watching “Ozark” and are addicted! Thank you Tierney for the recommendation:). We watch with a program called Vid Angel to clean it up to our tolerance.

This beautiful shawl is going to be a Christmas gift for my mother. She will not be able to see it very well because she has macular degeneration, but she will love the texture.

I am enjoying this project so much, that I might make another shawl for my mother-in-law as well!

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I hope you are having a totally SWEET day!


Mandala Madness- Complete!

Am I insane?!  I just made a 6ft+ Mandala!  This thing is HUGE!   I have learned many new stitches and techniques. All of them were so very fun.  Each round was something new and beautiful.

I started this crochet project back in August and here, in November,  I am finally putting the last stitch in it.  Yea!  Moments like these deserve a picture:)
I absolutely LOVE this afghan. The colors are bright and bold.  The Scheepjes yarn is so soft and snuggly.

Here are a few pictures:

I even had a little photo shoot with it to celebrate!But everyone knows that a beautiful, SWEET, young, red-head makes a much better model:)And absolutely nothing can beat a cute little 2 year old with his happy smile about being on a new blankey!

It has been an amazing journey.  I want to thank Helen at crystals and crochet for freely sharing this beautiful pattern with all of us.  You can find it here if you are interested in making one of your own.

Now it is time to place this masterpiece in a box with red and green wrapping for my daughter in law since she didn’t get s crocheted creation at her wedding.  I know she will cherish it:)

Thank you for stopping by and smiling with me as I share my creative adventures


Also, there are still a few days left to follow my blog and enter to win this beautiful quilt.  You can enter here.

Moving Along On My Mandala

This beautiful mandala is slowly but surely coming to an end. There is light at the end of the tunnel:).  I don’t know why, but every crochet project has that middle of the way monotony for me, and this mandala has been no exception.

You would think that with all of the pattern and color changes, the level of excitement would be at an all time high, but no, I still experienced a bit of the middle of the row doldrums. Although with this project, not nearly as much as on a one stitch only type afghan.

The purple and blue, especially blue, sections have been this “push on” section for me.  But look at it now.  It is BEAUTIFUL!

I think that all things beautiful and lovely take time and effort.  I am glad for the moments of every SWEET stitch:)

I wish I could take this with me on my anniversary cruise, but it is way way WAY too big to cart along on a plane!!  So it will have to wait for me until I get home in a few weeks.

If any of you are interested in making your own Mandala Madness, the pattern is free at crystals and crochet.

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Mandala Madness!

I have been quilting and sewing with my daughter for the past few days.  Talk about fun!  I just absolutely LOVE that girl!!  I will write a post about our adventure tomorrow or the next day.  But today I just wanted to sit and relax.   I really haven’t done much of anything but sit in my favorite chair and crochet.  It has been wonderful.  My mandala is really coming along nicely.

I have completed parts 1-3 and am now on to part 4.  I am trying to take it a little slow so that if any of you want to crochet along with me, I won’t be too far ahead.  You can find the pattern at But this is so fun, that it is hard to stop!!

Each round is something new and colorful.  It is perfect for my creative brain.  I always need something new.  That is why I have so many projects going at once:). I just rotate them around as I feel the need for a change.  They all feel new to me then.  Lol:)

It’s been a super SWEET day!  I hope yours has been too:)


Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Oh, It felt like my birthday or Christmas today!  The mail delivered 48 balls of Scheepjes Merino Soft yarn:)!  I was so excited!  Of course I took them out and looked at them and felt them.  Ooooh, they are so so pretty!

So, of course, I dropped all of my other projects and just had to start my Mandala Madness CAL that Esther, from In a Nutshell just finished.  She has even made videos to match.  I have been watching hers grow and blossom into such a work of art that I just had to grab up the yarn pack from Wool Warehouse and make one of my own.  I have a very hard time not wanting to make every beautiful thing I see!  Are any of you like that too?

I headed over to and downloaded the pdf files, whipped out my crochet needle, and started the rounds.  What is it that makes starting a new project so fun?  It must be the new colors and techniques.  I just love it.

Each round brought a new technique and added color and texture. I finished part 1 in no time at all.  The instructions are clear with lots of pictures.   I can tell right now that this project is going to be SWEET!

Thanks for dropping by,  I think I will get back to my needle and thread….