Sunny Mandala Blanket MAL – Come Crochet With Me!

I don’t know if you are like me or not, but every now and then I see a project online that takes my breath away and I know that I HAVE to make one myself. This is what happened when I saw this Sunny Mandala blanket by Tatsiana @Lila Bjorn Crochet.

Isn’t it beyond amazing?!— I was drooling and then noticed that Tatsiana was starting a Make Along group and even had places to buy the yarn . I was “hooked”!

I ordered my yarn from Taemombo Yarns in Canada and waited anxiously for my package to arrive. Ah!!! Here it is:)—-

Just look at this lovely box of crochet candy! This is Scheepjes stone washed yarn and is a very soft cotton type yarn. It is a rather thin yarn and is stitched with a small 3mm needle. I have used Scheepjes before, and I love the quality and I love the price.

I could hardly wait to print up my pattern and get started. Each round is a new color and a new stitch. I will never get the doldrums here!

Tatsiana is the master of the overlay crochet technique. I have made several of her patterns. I love how she adds texture and color to her designs.

Oooooh!! This is going to be so much fun!! Why don’t you join me and we will MAL together? 🙂

25 thoughts on “Sunny Mandala Blanket MAL – Come Crochet With Me!

  1. It’s going to be gorgeous! The yarns just beg to jump out of that box and be used, don’t they? I can’t do crochet any more because the repetitive action kills my wrists. I can’t even do a little bit before the pain starts, so I have to watch and sigh from the sidelines. And cheer you on! =)

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      1. I also like to see what the result is going to be before I start sometimes. If I have more eenrgy some other time, then I’ll start from scratch, but it’s nice to have an option that is pretty much known to be something you like. Have fun!


  2. That is a very cool project! If I could wield a crochet hook I’d probably be right there with you. 😉 Unfortunately, I’ve never mastered crochet or knitting techniques. It will be fun to watch yours develop though!

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  3. That’s very pretty, Tracy! I’m always tempted by pretty projects, but I have so many already picked out, I try to resist adding to my list. Sometimes I’m successful, and sometimes not, lol.

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  4. It is beautiful :)and I am sure you had hours of fun making it 🙂
    I am wondering if you can share the pattern or name the book that has the pattern and instruction
    Thanks, Noushin

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