Tieks Ballet Flat – Giving them a Try.

Well, after reading all the great reviews, I took the plunge and invested in a pair of black Tieks. Yes, they were very expensive, but with the “you will never want to wear anything else” comments and my need for a business flat, I figured it was worth the expense.

Sure enough they arrived in the cutest box ever! I was excited just by the packing. I felt they must be very special if they were packaged like this. AND they threw in a face mask as well!

Even the fancy flower bow said there was something wonderful waiting for me to open the box. I have saved that flower to decorate a jar full of thread spools. It looks great!

The lid came off and there they were. So neat and pretty. They fit perfectly in that little box. Who would have thought?!

They unfolded nicely and had that high quality leather feel and smell. My thoughts went to Audrey Hepburn in the 1950’s. They are so minimalist.

On to my feet they went. Well, hmm… they look a little toe pokey…. The website said to order your true size and if you are a half size order down as they stretch to your foot…. Okay…. We shall see

I love the back and the little heel. The turquoise next to the black looks so hipster, classy. the leather is very very soft.

I do like the way they look. They match almost everything and look as nice with a pair of slacks as with a skirt. BUT they squeak. Really, I mean it. Not just a little squeak. A really loud squeak with each step!

I tried baby powder which helped for a few minutes. I finally just put on some small toe socks and now they are fine. So.. plan on socks if you buy a pair.

After wearing these on and off for a few months, they are stretching to my feet. The leather at the toe marks is a bit worn. They probably will be fine with a dab of polish. The squeak is still there so socks are a must.

I do like them, but love them… I think the verdict is still out. Maybe if I had gotten the next size up?… oh well, I needed a black shoe and these fill the need. I am very grateful for shoes to cover my feet. I am abundantly blessed:). Life is SWEET!

Do you have a pair of Tieks? Did I miss something? Let me know what you think!:)