i am so excited, my son is getting married this weekend!!  I live in Arizona and he is getting married in Ogden, Utah.  So my cute husband and I left today to drive up for the bridal shower and to help decorate. I just love, love, love road trips with him:). I have been working on this “As-We-Go-Stripey” blanket  for quite a while now. There is a great free pattern designed from This long road trip was the perfect time to get it out and work on it again.imageimage

The colors are so bright and bold.  I am using yarn that I had leftover from another project.  This stripey afghan is perfect for those small leftover balls  of yarn that are so beautiful that you just can’t throw them out  in fact, I used the leftover granny squares from the other blanket as well.  I just connected them together and made them into one of the stripeys.  Yea me!  Waste not want not right?image

I absolutely LOVE to crochet in the car:). I can’t think of a more wonderful way to combine three of my favorite passions, being with my wonderful husband, seeing the gorgeous countryside, and creating a beautiful project!

Yes, life is definitely SWEET! –Tracy

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