It is Good to Be Down The Rabbit Hole Again!

My husband needed to go out of town for a business trip, and he invited me to go along with him to keep him company on his long drive from Detroit back to Arizona. Yea!! I LOVE road trips!❤️❤️

Now that my hand is better, I decided this was the perfect time to start back Down the Rabbit Hole. I had plenty of time to appliqué those rabbits, vines, and leaves. I really got quite nimble at the art of stitching in the car.

These little bees just make me smile:). Their heart shaped wings just say “love, love, love!”

I enjoyed stitching these flowers and bees while looking outside my window and seeing the Spring flowers blooming on the trees. It was such a beautiful trip.

Arizona Springs are very different from the lush green and delicate flower Spring of the Mid-West. I loved it!

Along the way, we stopped at Abraham Lincoln’s House in Springfield, Illinois. I felt like I had walked back in time almost 200 years.

We also stopped at the Chahokia Indian Mounds across from St. Louis, MIssouri. These are dirt mounds, but they remind me of the ruins in Central America.

We enjoyed a little hike up to the top of the mound, and then we headed in to St Louis for some delicious barbecue. SWEET!

We stopped at the #1 ranked BBQ restaurant called, “Pappy’s”. Oh, my, goodness!! Yum! Yum! Yum!

If you are ever in St Louis, don’t miss these ribs! They are caramelized sweetness on the outside and tender, smoked deliciousness on the inside.

As you can see, we enjoyed our road trip. But the best of all was how much of my Rabbit Hole appliqué I was able to get done. I have three of my panels completely done, and the fourth only has a little more to go.

That was A LOT of stitching!

I know that I should wait until I have all four panels before I sew them on and take a few photos, but I am so excited to finally be finished with the rabbits, who are the stars of the show, that I just couldn’t wait! I sewed two of the end panels on.

The original pattern has the rabbits all facing in toward the center. But I don’t like how they hang upside down when the quilt is on a bed. Sooo… this is my quilt, and I am choosing to have the rabbits face the right way on the bed.

Thank you so much for dropping by today. I hope you are enjoying the beauty of wherever you are.

Until next time,


Road Trip Eye Candy

It’s road trippin’ time!  I just love a good road trip❤️❤️.  My DH and I are going up to help my #1 son move to school.  It’s what parents do, right?  

I love driving through Arizona and Utah in August.  The weather is a little cooler and the rains have come.  It is picturesque at every turn.

My favorite part is the view of the Grand Canyon from the Highway 89.  The land is cracked for miles and miles.   

It is GRAND indeed!   I like to stop for a minute and drink in the beauty and majesty.  

And as if that isn’t enough, the other side of the highway is nestled into these tall, smooth, red rocks.  If only I were a rock climber like my son! 

I know, I know,  we are all gaining spiritual weight with so much beauty, but wait, the dessert is still to come!

Lake Powell is just a little bit further down the road!  Can you believe it?!  I am truly happy today.  

Of course a happy road trip would not be complete unless I had some fun hand work to keep my hands busy.

I am on the last few blocks of my Stardust Melodies Afghan.  I will definitely have them all done by the end of the trip.  Oh yea!!

Driving in the car also teaches new techniques because necessity is the mother of invention.

I forgot my stitch markers at home, so I have learned that a hair clip  works GREAT!  In fact it is easier to use because as the name implies, it just clips on.  How cool is that?  Its TOTALLY TIPSTER:)!

Road trips really help me get caught up on projects. But best of all, I get to sit by my cute husband and enjoy his company.  SWEET!!❤️

I hope all of your life roads are leading to happy places filled with people you love:).  

Thank you joining me on my road trip today!

Spring Break in the Las Vegas Desert 

I am one of those moms who enjoys being with my kids so much that I will go on two spring breaks just because two kids have different spring break schedules.  Can’t they all just coordinate their schedules?  The bad thing about these spring breaks is that they both go to ASU.  One is in law school and the other is an undergraduate.  And they STILL have different spring breaks!  Ugh!

Oh well, more driving time to crochet on baby blankets:)!This blanket is taking quite a bit longer than I anticipated.  I didn’t remember the double ended crochet stitch going so slowly, but it does.  And I have another one to do…

Oh well, it is worth it.  The blanket has lots of texture and lots of little holes for fingers and toes.  I love how it is different colors on the front and back.  The instructions for this stitch are here if you want them.

The drive through the spring desert was so beautiful.  The flowers were purple, yellow, and orange.  I just love road trips. I especially love springtime in the desert road trips:)!

Last week we did Disneyland.  This week we spent a few days in Las Vegas.  We do Vegas different than probably most everyone.  I did not spend one penny at the casinos.  Not one!  But we did enjoy a few shows. We went to the Blue Man group and the Cirque-Ka

We loved the shows, but especially liked our hikes in Red Rocks Canyon just outside of Las Vegas.  It was beyond beautiful!

We did two small hikes.  One in the Red Rocks area and one to Willow Springs.  Both were easy, short hikes that everyone could enjoy. 

Those red sand stone rocks were beautiful!! We even spotted a caterpillar nest!  I wonder what kind of moth or butterfly they will be?

The hike to the waterfall was shady and cool.  It was only about 1.5 miles of fairly easy trail.

And lastly we spent some time at the Las Vegas Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Temple. 

We had a super SWEET trip, but I am definitely ready to stay home for a while!

Destination Dining – Sparky’s

Ok-  I am definitely a foodie.  I have no problem at all with waiting in line for a party in my mouth. Because I like adventures in dining so much,  I thought I would start a new post section called “Destination Dining”

Today was the second year in a row that my sister in law, Michelle, and I drove three hours each way to get a hamburger and chicken tenders at Sparky’s in Hatch New Mexico.  

Hatch is all by itself in the middle of nowhere. There is really nothing there except green chiles and Sparkys.  It is the green chile Capitol of the world.  But even though there is nothing there, people come from all over and wait for Sparkys world famous green chile hamburgers.  They are a good day’s drive!

Every time I set out for the drive I ask myself, “is this really worth it?”  And then we drive up and get out of the car.  Ooooh, the smokey, green chile smell!!!!!  Yes, yes, it is worth the drive.  I take one bite and I know that I will do this drive again.  Maybe even next week! Lol:)

It’s hard to describe why this hamburger is different than all other hamburgers, but I will try.  It’s not that it is the most beautiful burger ever put on a plate, it is just the most flavorful.  The meat shines with perfect seasoning.  It is moist with flavor that explodes in your mouth.  The green chiles are mild, yet give just the perfect amount of heat. If you are ever even a little bit close to Hatch, it is worth the detour!  

We splurged and  bought a green chile lemonade .  Yum!  It is definitely a different flavor. My husband doesn’t like it, but Michelle and I do. Sweet, tart, and spicy.  Just what a birthday girl needs:)

Also a delight are the homemade, beer battered fries and chicken tenders.   So good!

And of course we had to buy some roasted chiles while we were there.  Luckily Michelle’s birthday is right in the middle of chile season:). 
They place the chiles in a roaster and let them sizzle and pop until the skins are all black.  Then they spray them with a pressure wash to remove the skins.  They come out so green and pretty.  And the smell is SWEET!!

As you can tell, I really had a great, foodie day today.  A birthday road trip for a Dining Destination.  Life doesn’t get much better than this:)!

Thank you for stopping by:)


Oh ps- Sparkys is only open Thursday-Sunday

A Vacation for a Stamp?

We went on a vacation with my parents a few years back and stopped at the Hopewell Indian National Monument in Ohio.  While we were there, I noticed a fun little Passport Book that you can take with you around the country and stamp with the different park’s name and date.

I had no idea how much fun this was going to be.  My dad and I kind of compete to see who can get the most stamps:). For our Fathers Day gift to him, my husband and I took him and my mom on a trip to Flagstaff Arizona so we could get some stamps in our passports.  It was WONDERFUL!

I am so thankful to this little book.  I have lived in Arizona for over 50 years, and my dad has lived here almost 80 and we have never seen or even heard of these fantastic places.  We wanted to hit four parks, but because of time, we could only see three. That’s ok though, we will stop at Montezuma’s Castle another time. I just love road trips and go whenever I can:)

Our first stop was just outside of Cottonwood called Tuzigoot National Monument.  It wasn’t very big, the hike was short and the view was beautiful. image It was over 100* and there was no shade, so we made sure to have our water. The big house was made with rocks and more rocks. There were little rooms with windows and stairs.

It didn’t take long to walk around and explore these ruins.  We stopped at the little mining town of Jerome for a bbq lunch at the English Kitchen.  It was so good!

They made homemade corn bread with prickly pear butter and yummy pulled pork sandwiches and more.  If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it:)

We drove through beautiful Sedona which could have been the destination in itself.  It is so green and beautiful there.  I loved how the weather cooled down as we got higher in elevation.

We were happy that the next two monuments were on the same road just north of Flagstaff.  Yea!  The first was Sunset Crater.  It is the site where a volcano erupted over 900 years ago.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

image It gave me  a  weird feeling to see all of the lava rock and black sand.  I can’t believe that this is just right off of the highway a few miles and I didn’t even know it!   I will be bringing my kids back here to see it for sure

The final stop was further down the road, Wupatki National Monument. image  This Indian ruin was impressive.  There were lots of sand stone rooms and it covered a lot of land.  We just stayed near the first large building.


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We had such a fun day and I got THREE more stamps in my passport! SWEET!!




i am so excited, my son is getting married this weekend!!  I live in Arizona and he is getting married in Ogden, Utah.  So my cute husband and I left today to drive up for the bridal shower and to help decorate. I just love, love, love road trips with him:). I have been working on this “As-We-Go-Stripey” blanket  for quite a while now. There is a great free pattern designed from This long road trip was the perfect time to get it out and work on it again.imageimage

The colors are so bright and bold.  I am using yarn that I had leftover from another project.  This stripey afghan is perfect for those small leftover balls  of yarn that are so beautiful that you just can’t throw them out  in fact, I used the leftover granny squares from the other blanket as well.  I just connected them together and made them into one of the stripeys.  Yea me!  Waste not want not right?image

I absolutely LOVE to crochet in the car:). I can’t think of a more wonderful way to combine three of my favorite passions, being with my wonderful husband, seeing the gorgeous countryside, and creating a beautiful project!

Yes, life is definitely SWEET! –Tracy