It is Good to Be Down The Rabbit Hole Again!

My husband needed to go out of town for a business trip, and he invited me to go along with him to keep him company on his long drive from Detroit back to Arizona. Yea!! I LOVE road trips!❤️❤️

Now that my hand is better, I decided this was the perfect time to start back Down the Rabbit Hole. I had plenty of time to appliqué those rabbits, vines, and leaves. I really got quite nimble at the art of stitching in the car.

These little bees just make me smile:). Their heart shaped wings just say “love, love, love!”

I enjoyed stitching these flowers and bees while looking outside my window and seeing the Spring flowers blooming on the trees. It was such a beautiful trip.

Arizona Springs are very different from the lush green and delicate flower Spring of the Mid-West. I loved it!

Along the way, we stopped at Abraham Lincoln’s House in Springfield, Illinois. I felt like I had walked back in time almost 200 years.

We also stopped at the Chahokia Indian Mounds across from St. Louis, MIssouri. These are dirt mounds, but they remind me of the ruins in Central America.

We enjoyed a little hike up to the top of the mound, and then we headed in to St Louis for some delicious barbecue. SWEET!

We stopped at the #1 ranked BBQ restaurant called, “Pappy’s”. Oh, my, goodness!! Yum! Yum! Yum!

If you are ever in St Louis, don’t miss these ribs! They are caramelized sweetness on the outside and tender, smoked deliciousness on the inside.

As you can see, we enjoyed our road trip. But the best of all was how much of my Rabbit Hole appliqué I was able to get done. I have three of my panels completely done, and the fourth only has a little more to go.

That was A LOT of stitching!

I know that I should wait until I have all four panels before I sew them on and take a few photos, but I am so excited to finally be finished with the rabbits, who are the stars of the show, that I just couldn’t wait! I sewed two of the end panels on.

The original pattern has the rabbits all facing in toward the center. But I don’t like how they hang upside down when the quilt is on a bed. Sooo… this is my quilt, and I am choosing to have the rabbits face the right way on the bed.

Thank you so much for dropping by today. I hope you are enjoying the beauty of wherever you are.

Until next time,

44 thoughts on “It is Good to Be Down The Rabbit Hole Again!

  1. It’s looking gorgeous, and well done for getting so much done – I can’t stitch in the car, it’s about the only thing that makes me feel carsick. And I agree, I think it looks a lot better with the bunnies not running upside down.

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    1. Hi Kate! Bummer for that darn car sickness! I can sew as long as the road isn’t too curvy. That’s when I look up and really drink in the beauty of the trip. And, I’m so glad you agree with no upside down bunnies. The quilt will definitely look better in a bed😊

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    1. Thank you so much Karla! I have also spent many hours reading a book in the car. Do you read out loud? I remember reading The Thornbirds our loud all the way from AZ to FLA. we finished before the trip was over. The last part of the trip took the longest:). Now we listen to books on our phone and I sew. Yea! Two birds with one stone :)❤️

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      1. When my kids were small I had them read my mystery thrillers out loud while I drove — now they love the same authors I do :). Now I read books on my IPad — hubby not a fan of reading. I do plan to try sewing while riding!


  2. Those rabbits will be grateful to not spend the rest of their lives running upside down. It is your quilt and, after so very much work, you should be able to look at it without the slightest twinge of regret.

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    1. I’m so glad you agree with me! There is nothing like finishing a quilt and not loving every part of it. Rabbits running upside down is an absolute no in my book! Thank you so much for stopping by. It’s so nice to have quilty friends like you!❤️❤️


  3. Absolutely gorgeous applique, I am drooling here. Now I know how my mom was so prolific with her hand sewing. She and dad traveled the world and she dragged her bag of sharp objects with her everywhere.
    Thank you for sharing these incredible photos too

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  4. That was a very long trip, no wonder you got so much done! Looks like you are nearly finished with the last border! What a great way to celebrate the cast coming off! I’m glad to hear the Midwest treated you so well! 😊

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    1. Hi Kathy! You are right! This trip was like a celebration of getting my hand back. Oh, I could go on with this metaphor— Spring and renewal, trips and life’s lessons, and on and on. Life is so so good! Thank you for the kind thoughts😊❤️

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  5. Hi Tracy,
    How wonderful that you could enjoy a road trip with DH! Those are priceless moments spent together! The drive sounds just great – lots of fun stops and my goodness you got a lot accomplished. I can see why you had to add those rows right away – and they look so pretty on the quilt top. You can have those rabbits face any way you want – no quilt police and you have to look at it! ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Thank you Roseanne! It really was a fun little get away. I don’t get to enjoy Spring very often. —I’m glad you agree with me about My Quilt , My Way. I know that I will be happier with rabbits not running upside down:). Once again, thank you for your comment. I always enjoy hearing from you:). I hope you have a wonderful day!!❤️❤️

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  6. They look so so nice Tracy ❤️ and what a lovely road trip you went on! it must also feel great that your wrist is on the mend, I hope you won’t have to wait long until you’re fully recovered ❤️❤️❤️

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  7. Hi Tracy! I’m glad your hand is healing. I just love seeing your “Down the Rabbit Hole” progress. It is so gorgeous! Those bees do sing love 💕
    I enjoyed seeing the beautiful pictures from your road triptoo, blue skies and blooming trees, How awesome, Abe Lincoln’s house, a step back in time and history. Too cool!

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    1. Hi Tabitha!
      Thank you for stopping by my blog today:). I know that you will absolutely love this Down the Rabbit hole quilt! Sarah does such a good job of explaining and teaching how to do all of the stitches and patterns. I started knowing really knowing nothing about needle turn applique, and now I feel quite confident. I am sure you will too!


  8. I love your rabbits. I stitch in the car too but not applique my stitches seem to get all wonky. I am stitching English paper piecing together last trip and this week.

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    1. Thank you so much Peg! I must admit that at the beginning of the trip my stitches were a bit wonky as well, but after a while, the stitching became much easier. I have never made more than just a block in EPP. It is in my bucket list though:)❤️❤️


    2. Thank you so much Peg!

      I must admit that at the beginning of the trip my stitches were a bit wonky as well, but after a while, the stitching became much easier. I have never made more than just a block in EPP. It is in my bucket list though:)❤️❤️


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