The Splendid Sampler- 30 down, only 70 more to go!

imageAren’t they just beautiful?  I am having way too much fun to be sure!  These three were quick and easy.  Yea!  Each one brought a smile to my face as I chose the colors and read the stories behind the block.

imageimageThis block is called Constant Needle because the designer, Laurie Simpson, is always working in a project.  Hey! That is just like me!  Life would be so sad if I could not create something everyday.image

I liked working on Selvedge Saver.   I know that someday in the future(probably not the too far future) I will forget what line of fabric I used in this quilt.  I am going to be very glad for this cute way to remember.

imageimageAnd Simple Surprises was just that, simple and surprisingly the hardest to choose my fabric combination.  When I start my next 6 1/2″ sampler block quilt, I am going to remember that small prints work best.  I am definitely learning some SWEET color skills with this quilt:)!

I hope you have a SWEET day!



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