Dear Daughter Quilt – Chapter 2

imageThis is such a fun quilt!  Each block is so colorful and bright.  The words are exactly how I feel.  It is a fantastic project that I know my daughter will snuggle under next year when she is spreading her wings and starting her own life adventure. You can join the fun at

There were two repeat blocks in this chapter and three new ones.  I kind of wish she would have had me make all of the same block at the same time because then I could chain piece them together, but oh well, the completed chapter is a fun adventure.

I stitch and flipped the blue double point rectangles.  Here is how I did it:

  1. I cut the assorted blue fabrics into the specified size rectangles
  2. I stitched the specified size square to the rectangle from corner to corner. I chain stitched these one after another.image
  3. Press the square up making a beautiful triangle.
  4. repeat steps 2 & 3 for all 4 cornersimage
  5. Sew them together and then add the outside fabric strips

Such a pretty little block!

I then traced, ironed, cut, and sewed the lettering on the quote block using steam a seam.  There was a lot of zig zagging on this one!image

The final block was the pretty little butterfly block in its bright and happy colors.  I chose a light pink background to make it extra girlie:)imageimage

I just love that orange and purple!  It is so SWEET!  –Tracy:)image



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