Mandala Madness Parts 8-10 / How to weave in the crochet ends

These three rounds have been much slower and quite a bit more tricky than the previous rounds.  Margareta from “At Margareta’s Haus” challenged me to get through round 10 this week.   And let me tell you what, it has been an adventure in time management to be sure! 

The textures of this afghan are so impressive. They are really stretching my crochet skills. I LOVE it!!  It is amazing to me that Helen from crystals and crochet could even figure out how to design this work of art!  It is beautiful  and I am so grateful for her willingness to share her knowledge and talent with the rest of us:)

It was a little confusing at the beginning of part 10, but after I figured it out, it really wasn’t hard.  It just took time changing thread with literally every stitch!

I took some time to weave in the ends.  I know that some people like to crochet in their ends as they go, but I prefer to take my large needle, sit down and really weave them in.  I feel that it is the most secure that way.  I really don’t mind the added step.  I just spend a little bit of time enjoying the back side of my project:). 

I always leave about 8″ of yarn when I finish with a color while crocheting.  This leaves plenty of yarn to thread in my needle and sew with.   I thread and then weave the yarn into the matching color one way and then back on itself the other way.  I do this at least two times maybe three.  

I trim the yarn close to the stitching.  Because it is weaved multiple times, I do not have to worry about it unraveling.  It finishes up so nicely without any knots so it is nice and flat and soft:). 

I am going on a small road trip next week to see my son and daughter in law up in Idaho for a few days.  I am sure I will be doing a bit of crochet along the way.   What’s a road trip without sewing, right?

I’m looking forward to posting about some of the delicious peaches I plan to buy on our way home.  SWEET!!

Until then—Tracy:)

8 thoughts on “Mandala Madness Parts 8-10 / How to weave in the crochet ends

  1. Great job Tracy! It was a real challenge for sure. I am actually sitting on the couch finishing up the last 2 rows of part 10. Enjoy your trip!

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      1. We are very biased toward Talbott Farms in Palisade. My husband went to college with Charlie and his brother. They are great people, and their peaches are always first rate. If you stop in, some days they have boxes that are too ripe for trucking out, and they sell them for $10/ box, and you still have some days to process before you are in trouble. We had those last year, and they were wonderful.


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