I’m Glad that I Live in This Beautiful World

It has been a wonderful few days driving with my husband and visiting our children in Idaho:).  We enjoyed a day hiking on the west side of the Teton Mountains on the edges of Yellowstone Park.  I felt like I was in a Bob Ross painting with “happy little trees and streams”:)

Summer in Idaho is beautiful!  While I am sure that the long winter months would be brutal, the lovely summer is really picturesque.  Maybe I should become a snowbird….

No, I am an Arizona girl to be sure.   I like it hot.  But I do appreciate the beauty of other places.  I especially enjoy seeing the abundance of so much water! We saw two waterfalls on our hikes,  Cave Falls and Mesa Falls.

I felt like I was at a very little sister of Niagara Falls as I was right on the edge of Mesa Falls.  BEAUTIFUL!  I wonder if the falls freeze in the winter?

We were able to enjoy the views of harvesting of barley on our drive to the hike.  Talk about amber waves of grain!  So so pretty!

I wish that I could have all of my children close by. I miss them. But I very much enjoy the moments we do share. It has been a SWEET few days:)


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