Getting Away from the Chaos

We have a houseboat on Lake Powell. It isn’t the prettiest or biggest boat on the lake, but it is a little bit of heaven in our family’s lives. We have been going here for 20 years and I can’t imagine our summers without it.

This year I have especially enjoyed the quiet and beauty of this magnificent place . We were away from the world chaos and enjoyed the serenity of peace and quiet. My son took these beautiful pictures that I hope will bring you some peace and joy as well.

Aren’t those beautiful? That is the area where we were parked for the week. The water was glassy like that everyday. The water was cool but not cold. The weather was in the 90’s which made it perfect for boating, sitting on the sand beach, and cooling off in the water.

My favorite picture was this view of my son in law and grandson in the morning from my bedroom window.

My little grandson loves to fish and was in the canoe fishing with his father anytime he could hop in! He only dropped his fishing pole once and luckily it wasn’t too deep. Lol!

It was a wonderful week. I didn’t want to come back into the chaos of the world right now. But I am grateful I had this moment of repose.

The view out our dining room window

Thank you for stopping by today. We are all so truly blessed to live in such a beautiful world. I hope that you are finding and enjoying your little patch of heaven as well.

Until next time!