Lake Powell Paradise

It’s summer time in Arizona, and around my house, that means cooling off in the beautiful waters of Lake Powell. Yea!

Lake Powell is like floating in the Grand Canyon. The cliffs and large rock formations are beautiful.

We have a houseboat that we jam pack with people, food, water toys, and games. We try to find a private cove with sandy beaches and snuggle in for the week.

We usually drive the boat a few hours into the lake, but this year we stayed fairly close to the marina, so the cliffs were not as high. It didn’t matter though. The smaller rocks around us were perfect for exploring and jumping in the water to cool off:)

The kids would wake board and tube behind the ski boat all day and in the evening we would drive around and just enjoy the red rocks and blue water.

Every turn would have a new rock or cliff to admire.

And what would a vacation be without some handwork to relax with? I brought my Persian Tiles along and crocheted while I enjoyed the view.

It was a great week. I can’t believe it is already a memory. But what SWEET memories they are!

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a virtual Lake Powell trip with us. I hope you have sunny days and smooth water wherever you may be:)


Lake Powell – A Week in Paradise

My son in law fishing in the cove just off our boat.

Our family spends the first week of every June on a houseboat at beautiful Lake Powell in Northern Arizona.   Lake Powell is immediately North of the Grand Canyon.  It is like being in the Grand Canyon only with water.image

It is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth.  We have our favorite cove where we dock the boat and literally don’t see another boat for the whole week.  I feel as if God created all of His majesty just for me and my amazing family.  It is a somewhat spiritual experience to be sure.

I enjoyed a relaxing week of playing in the water with my grandson and watching my kids wakeboard and tube.   In the afternoons I would sit on the top of the boat and put a few stitches in my “As we go Stripey Afghan”.

Crocheting on Lake Powell

Later in the week we took a few short hikes.  The first was to Rainbow Bridge National Monument.   We drove the boat there and then hiked a mile or so to the bridge.   It really was amazing.image

Later we docked the boat at the marina and drove a few miles to Horseshoe Bend.  Wow!  Talk about a crazy view!  We stood on a 1000 ft cliff with no railings and watched the sun set over the Colorado River as it turned the bend.   This is not for the faint of heart!  But once again, Wow! AMAZING!

Horseshoe Bend at sunset

As you can see,  We had a fantastic get away.  It was a SWEET time with my favorite SWEET people!

I hope you all had a nice holiday as well.